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Allright, I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment in my game. I just recently moved to island 2, and am still setting up business as usual there. One of those things to set up was of course the hotel.
Now, all well and good, I got enough money to put Midas to shame, so off I go building. I build (while constructing the last touches of my base) the hotel hub. No problem. I build an adjacent wing, no problem. But when I start building the second wing, I start to encounter issues.
You see, I'm building my hotel like a 90 degree angle. As opposed to building it in a straight line. The problem arises when the last of my minions add the last bit of building material to the second wing. When delivered, and the wing "materialises", they get "stuck" where the two wings meet at the hub. So, what three of my minions now are doing is pounding and screaming at the outside intersection of my two hotel wing walls.
I can't have that. I've tried killing them off, but nothing can reach them. Not even hostile soldiers. I guess I could just reload a while back and build my hotel in a straight line in some other location, but fuck't, I shouldn't have to. I'm wondering if there's any way to... snatch my minions from their mortal coil without interacting with them. You know, sort of like the 'delete' button in an RTS. I will assume not, and will mentally prepare myself for a reload and rebuild, but it'd be nice if anyone could tell me of a way to get those three guys fixed. Three men out of a hundred might not sound like alot, but it kinda is. At least to me. I don't care WHICH three men, but in their stuck position, none of their stats degenerate and I can't replace them. Bloody bother!
I just had an appifany. I could reverse the build order of the wings so that the workers won't have to deliver the materials in that "crease". A bit annoying that you have to concider these things when designing your island, but heck...