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From the old EG community quite a few mods got made to improve bits and pieces....
This thread: had some very nice compilations...
The old EG forums in general had a few gems:
The cloning chamber doesn't get moved from Island 1 to Island 2... so...
Working Monkey Trap:
How to change the populations limits:
(Note that with modern PCs you can have truly insane numbers of minions.... but if you want a challenge the more minions you have the less 'resources' you will need to balance and of course the more minions you will have to fight back at the good guys)
Rock remover:
This one removes the undiggable rock from the islands to give much more room for base building (still not enough IMHO!) ... this can come in very handy in island two especially if you are going for huge minion umbers.
Any more favourites add on to this thread :)
jimbob0i0: Working Monkey Trap:

AFAIK, this one is included in unbofficial 1.1 patch?
BTW, what is the procedure of mod installation?
Official v1.01 patch + unofficial mod v1.1 + numerous other balancing and logical changes:

Updated! Latest list of modifications is listed in the zip:

Requires 1.01 NoCD (not included for legality issues)
Old saves may not load, works best with new games, fully working otherwise
Works on GOG and boxed retail EU version (also ran on Russian retail but not fully tested)
Does not include (but works with) World Domination Kit
Mods stored outside of .ERB archives thus can be edited/disabled
Minimal graphics changes to stay true to the original
Still in progress - I need a program that can replace files within .ERB's (the old version of MultiEx Commander I have can't search for files and I'm not looking through 10,000's of files manually to replace over a hundred)


Saved games from earlier versions may load, but may still exhibit bugs fixed in this patch.

A - Resolution and Windowed mode can be altered by editing "Resolution.ini":
'C:\Program Files (x86)\VUGames\Evil Genius\ReleaseExe\'
'C:\Program Files (x86)\\Evil Genius\ReleaseExe\'

B - To restore the game trailer intro video and copyright screen:
Open "concept.cfg" and change 'StartupState=1' to 'StartupState=0'

C - Zoom out value is set to 70, the value can be increased for smaller
resolutions, i.e. 70 for 1680x1050 vs. 75 for 1280x1024
Values of upto 100 can be used, however this can cause the grey end of map
areas to become exposed.

D - The preset option files also changes the settings to:
Audio: Stereo with music louder than sound effects
(In-game music is quieter)
Video: V-Sync set to 1680 pixel display width
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