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Hi Guys,

Have you ever had the problem that Spindoctors (PR managers) who are trained as diplomats do not complete their training? I mean that the Spin Doctor remains in the training object even with 100% training status until his needs drop to zero and he also tips over. I have now followed the phenomenon with around 10 of them. I can train Playboys without any problems, also the other professions.

Did anyone have that? Alternatively, I could continue to kidnap diplomats from other countries to get my holdings, so far this has worked without any problems. This is only very tedious :)

Regards, Mike

(Edit Info: Changed PR Manager to Spin Doctors, in german version they called PR Manger...)


Edit #2:
I think I got it; as I captured about 6 Spindoctors on the world map some trainees got to Diplomats. Don't know why.. so, this is solved ;)
Post edited April 30, 2020 by mtb1980