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Absoloutely brilliant and unique game - setting up traps to foil goody-two-shoes spies, training troops, building power generators and plotting the demise of your adversaries on your own secret evil island.
Any novelty of being the badass soldier is all but worn off due to uncountable number of FPS games released, but never before have I seen the opportunities to be a 60's-style super villian. For $9.99, it's an absolute steal, and I WILL be picking this up again soon.
As vital to the GoG collection as Fallout. Unfortunately, I do not remember any simulation of cat stroking but thankfully this can be achieved in real life by grabbing the nearest fuzzy object and stroking it on your lap (easy), thankfully real cats can easily be picked up from your nearest animal shelter or neighbour's garden. I also recommend a swivel chair so you can twist around and laugh maniacally at your screen once that damned pesky spy falls prey to your wit. For the full experience, I would advise shaving your head and wearing a monocle.