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Hey there everyone. Been playing Evil Genius for a long time, but I've never really modded it past applying the unofficial patches and applying widescreen and stuff.

So, basically, I'm attempting to edit the stats of my minions and henchmen. I figured, start off easy, give the Construction Worker more health. So, I opened up Minion_Stats.csv, in LibreOffice, changed the health for the construction worker from 40 to 100, saved, started up a new game, and... 48 health.

Huh, that's weird. Okay, try something different.

I unpacked the Resource and LResource_en_UK .erb's with the ERBReader, and copied 00100-Minion_ConstructionWorker.desc to my dynamic resources folder. Opened it up, changed the health to 100, same thing, opened a new game with Maxie, checked my worker, and... 48 health again.

So, after trying the same two approaches with multiple stats and minions, henchmen, and even good ol' Maxie himself, I haven't managed to change a single number in game.

Am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

EDIT: Alright, I got it solved. I had created backups of all of the original csv spreadsheets, and put them in a folder I called "Backup Originals" in the balancingSpreadsheets folder. The game was apparently reading my backups instead of the ones I was changing. I just moved the backups away, and the changes took effect.
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Actual, you cannot use LibreOffice to edit csv files. It will corrupt them and they can no longer be used by the game.
The game will then fall back on game files packed in a data file, rather than the extracted ones in human readable form.

Use something like notepad or notepad++ to edit game files directly..
MS Ecxel can properly handle csv files without corrupting them.
Some old D2 editor works fine :)

The LibreOffice problem bugs me since OpenOffice, because you could never do any D2 modding.
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