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No cheat, NO edition of gamefiles, just patience A LOT hehe. And this awesome game is all about patience and order.

Ok, this trick is sooooooo easy to do but as I said to long to achieve, however, you will have a lovely $3Million+.....

1- Create a new game

2- Do all the stuff until you can get to the world domination screen

3- Create room for at least 60 men

4- Leave about 16 of them working in your control room

5- Send the rest of them to all over the world specially where you see $9 in groups of 15 at least, each

6- DON'T capture the maid

7- Create a large room for money

8- Go to sleep and when you return to game you'll have at least 3 million or more

No one will attack you while you don't capture the maid!!!

Edit: you will want to use Alexis because she raises the loyalty of your men, leave her in the control room near workers!!!
rsz_60men.png (336 Kb)
rsz_beds.png (343 Kb)
rsz_mapa1.png (157 Kb)
rsz_mapa2.png (152 Kb)
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I think I will have to try this.
This is a popular trick to rack up money - I'm greedy and usually have 6-7 million plus before I start the game properly. Just a note that you don't need Alexis to do it. Just send the men out as soon as they're recruited. Minions out on the world map don't lose loyalty.
Or you can just type in "HUMANZEE" in game, which enables cheat mode, then press CTRL-C to add 100k each time. Seems less time consuming.
I've done this to collect money but it also works with Plotting to unlock all the missions in all the regions. :)