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Attempting to install the 0.8.25327 build of Everspace 2, every file fails an installation integrity check. Before downloading again I would like to know what others have found on this. Or if GOG is aware. Maybe the CRC file (or similar) is incorrect or damaged?

I attach the failure window. Notice not all files are listed because they list just doesn't fit within the boundaries of the fixed size window.
ex2_fail.jpg (42 Kb)
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Hi there,

I know it's a little bit late (considering we'll release a new patch today), but here are the md5 checksums of the installer files for 0.8.25327. If you are experiencing this issues in the future, you may escalete it directly to

Best provide the checksums your downloads are producing and we can chack against those.

Best regards,

MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895).exe: b7d7229307614d5b736cdaa18e5c0f8c
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-1.bin: e9160e60926d6d7cd52040b8e179b09a
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-2.bin: f2d847e32686042194feab343a52ba57
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-3.bin: e19d2ea3994ffaac8ba34b912284bc60
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-4.bin: 869ff261a070fea477b912906924fad5
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-5.bin: 842c40b3713ec5e628db4d1f4f67ae05
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-6.bin: 8289ddf9dcf5bdc96f84c62bf114e187
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-7.bin: f1bea204fdbb022539cf2e27eff50f3d
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-8.bin: 9d3c32f1f9c832c1df0284965d00258f
MD5-Hash von setup_everspacetm_2_0.8.25327_(64bit)_(54895)-9.bin: ae9baa8648a4541a30a9e9578c2ac405
As expected all the checksums are different. I'll grab the new update and see if those pass the integrity check. If not I'll email directly.

That you for the help.