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I've been experiencing insanely low download rates for these game files. In the 6 - 100 KBps range. This means each 4GB file would take from days to several hours. Normal for me is 9 minutes, speed test results are in the expected range and other large downloads (other sites) are fine. Can anyone explain this?

If this keeps up I'll not be playing Everspace 2 and will likely request a refund.
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Hmmm well,

there isn't much we can do about download speeds from GOG. (Except, trying to keep our game as small as possible, which we do). In general, I would advise using the Galaxy Client, but I assume you decided against another game client for a good reason, so I won't question this.

If you want to go for a refund, please go through GOGs refund policy and contact their support. You might want to tell them about your problem first though. They might be able to help (maybe it's just some mirroring-server not working as expected etc.).

They are a pretty small team, but they do an awesome job and are usually super fast if it comes to solving technical issues. (This is at least my personal experience with them).

Best regards.
Cancelled the D/L and did some IRL activities. My next D?L attempt went much better. Maybe network congestion. IDK.