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first of, the game itself it is nicely done and I can tell that the time invested was tremendous, especially with so much details given.

I have observed that mostly everything that we see, can enter with our ship. Sadly, this could be just to much details. What I try to say here is:
- after I have reached Vesna Mining Station in Zharkov System, my PC has loaded very - very slow the zone even on low settings. When it finally has loaded, well.. the site, the visual, the view is mesmerizing but sadly it is just way to much for a LOW speck PC to handle that. Everything is moving in frames, I can't fight, i can't move well (you know how it is).

So, my suggestion is to lower this site (or any other sites similar to this that takes huge amount of space up) to a simple look. Give details only where details are needed (e.g. boxes are located or mission) all the other should either just added as a simple image with simple image details (I'm talking about 2d image and not making a 3d as it is now) or if it can be removed, it should be removed.
To much 3d stuff just builds up way to much in our PC memory and use way to much resources to be rendered (don't get me wrong they are beautiful and nice but not good for a low speck PC).

I hope that in the next update/patch this can be fixed and improved. Right now I just want to avoid entering in Vesna Mining Station.

Thank you
I hope developers are reading this forum.

I just tried the latest early access version on Linux (using Wine+vkd3d-proton).

It works relatively well, except for cutscenes (something to do with media foundations issues in Wine).

I like the gameplay so far, but some suggestions accumulated over time:

1. It would be nice to have an option of more minimized HUD elements, with some button that brings more detailed labels to the screen only on demand. It would allow more immersive gameplay where you would enjoy the view better.

2. It could good to be able to hail ships and bases for some banter. Like Flying Duchess for example. I know it's probably not easy since it would increase the need to record voice acting.
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Another suggestion - it would be nice to provide some information about planets, suns and other objects if you focus on them, similarly how it's done in Freelancer.
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