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everspace finished version notes

since i have moved on to version, i thought i'd post my notes for the older version.

1. game has 7 sectors. you will need to win through sector 7 probably 4-6+ times to call it a game
2. in sectors 1 through 6 you will play in 3-6 jump coordinates (jc), each. sector 7 has just 1
3. you will play in 30 or 31 total jcs for each run through sector 7.
4. game has 3 difficulty levels; easy, normal and hard.
5. game has 3 ships to choose from; interceptor, gunship and scout.
6. perks are used to upgrade your ship and are kept throughout the game.
7. perks can only be bought each time you receive a new ship in the hangar.
8. you use credits picked up in the game to buy perks.
9. fuel, credits and resources can be picked up in the game.
10. fuel is essential to reach sector 7. you only use fuel when you use a jump coordinate. you do
not use fuel just flying around on normal power or on boost. you do not use fuel when you go
through a jump gate. the amount of fuel you can have at any time is capped by the game.
11. you do not need fuel to go through a jump coordinate, but if you do not have enough fuel to
make the jump normally you gamble your ship. ship damage or destruction often occurs, but you can
be lucky and have no consequences.
12. credits can help you buy perks and when you meet a trade ship buy other ship items, like
weapons, devices and consumables.
13. credits are also required to buy a gunship or scout in the hangar. either ship costs 10,000
14. you lose any remaining credits when you leave the hangar for a new run.
15. resources of some kind are essential to win the game much less get to sector 7 for the first
16. i think the most important resource is nanobots. without them you cannot repair hull damage.
they are also required, along with other resources, to repair all other types of ship component
damage. the amount of nanobots you can have at any time is capped by the game.
17. resources are required to upgrade ship weapons and other ship items.
18. resources are required by blueprints to build ship items.
19. i try to pick up as many resources as i can. you never know which ones you will need badly. a
couple dozen of each except access keys should be enough. maybe 4-5 access keys.
20. since i like to use heavy missiles, i especially pick up ore, scrap and some plasma. ore and
scrap will also build light missiles. you need blueprints for these builds.
21. if you are fortunate enough to actually get a couple dozen of each resource you can also build
jump stabilizers and arc9000 fireballs which are handy to have around. you need blueprints for
these builds.
22. if you kia and return to the hangar you will lose your resources.
23. if you win in sector 7 and go back to the hangar for a new ship you will be allowed to keep a
small amount of your collected resources.
24. you can look for and pick up blueprints, enhancements and glyphs in the game. any you get will
stay with you for the rest of the game.
25. blueprints can be used to craft primary and secondary weapons, devices and consumables. you
will need the right resources to make a build.
26. blueprints can be found just about anywhere. they are sometimes just floating in space or are
in containers of some kind that you need to gun open or use an access key. they are sometimes
debris from a battle.
27. enhancements are subroutines that you can find in special doored containers in abandoned
colonial stations. you will need an access key to open the doors. i have accidentally obtained a
couple of them, but i don't look for them because i don't care to use them. there is a negative
attribute to each of them. you can only activate an enhancement in the hangar.
28. glyphs, i think, are a kind of enhancement that you can find in ancient temple-like structures.
the structures have an orange aura about them and an orange beam jetting from their roof. the
beam is a transmat that can send you to another sector. if you try to get a glyph from the
structure make sure you have no other business in the sector you are in. in fact, you are risking
losing business in the next sector, because if you succeed in obtaining a glyph you will be
transmated to somewhere in the next sector, not necessarily the beginning of that sector.
29. there are 11 glyphs. ones i think are useful are: structures which displays ancient structures
on the starmap, headstart which starts you in sector 2, ancient friends where ancients sometimes
help you in battle, ancient weapon where you get a powerful shock rifle that disables your
secondary weapons and lowers your hull hitpoints slightly when you use it, and low profile where
okkar forces do not wave in, but every jc has a jump suppressor.
30. getting a glyph is a little tricky. go to the ancient structure. find an entrance with a
glowing symbol above it. enter the structure. look around until your cloneself asks about
ancients. after your ai replies, leave the structure. you will immediately encounter a small
blackhole with an orange aura about it. this is an ancient. engage and kill it with weapons.
since it is a blackhole, i usually stay back and use missiles, but i have managed to gun it down.
just be careful. when you get it part of the orange aura will transfer to your ship. reenter the
entrance with the glowing symbol, turn left, make two short right turns in a u shape, turn left, go
straight until you encounter a small verticle monolith. when you approach it will start to glow
and then open up revealing which glyph it is. accept the glyph then exit through the roof to the
next sector.
31. after your first glyph, you just need to approach the ancient structure and a blackhole ancient
will attack. dispose of it and enter the structure for the glyph as before.
32. a glyph can only be activated in the hangar.
33. playing with the low profile glyph is a blast. it might seem hard to play with jump
suppressors in all jcs, but with no okkar forces waving in you have all the time in the world to
find the suppressor. this makes it easy to play. you can collect a lot of credits playing this
way. actually, in v., 2 or 3 of the jcs don't have suppressors. i read this has been
corrected in later versions.
34. you normally begin the game with a fueled and minimally armed interceptor in sector 1 on normal
difficulty level. you have no perks, credits or resources. your goal is to get to sector 7. a
narrative interweaves itself into your adventure. a basic tutorial helps get you started. a ship
ai named hive is your onboard companion and advisor. it is also sometimes your enemy. remember,
this game wants to kill you.
35. you can only change difficulty level in the hangar when you have enough credits to buy perks.
36. the game appears to adjust difficulty level in at least four ways. one, when you first enter a
jc you have a limited amount of time before okkar forces wave in to swarm attack you. on easy,
normal and hard levels you have roughly 8, 5 and 4 minutes, resp., before the first wave enters.
two, jump suppressors prevent you from leaving a jc until you hack or neutralize them. the more
difficult the level, the more suppressors there are. finding the suppressor is sometimes a chore.
three, there are several types of enemy ships. you will encounter better armed and shielded ships
on the harder levels. warships are extremely difficult to neutralize. better to just run away.
four, you will encounter more high risk jcs on the harder levels. these jcs have a combination of
hazardous environmental conditions and tougher enemy ships.
37. when you get to sector 7 the difficulty levels seem to me to pretty much level out. regardless
of level you meet about the same opposition. the first time you get to sector 7 you will have to
destroy 50 of nobu's outlaw allies in easy, normal and hard. in sector 7s where you deposit dna
fragments they all start out about the same regardless of difficulty. you destroy a handful of
outlaw ships. in the last dna section 7 where you get to destroy gorc's warship the timing between
thermal gun firings from his warship and between gun turret rechargings to collect power cores are
about the same regardless of difficulty levels at about 1 1/4 and 3 1/4 minutes, resp.
38. i like to collect about 150,000 credits worth of perks before playing the game for real. i
think this is less than half of what is available. i go mostly for jump fuel, hitpoints, energy,
secondary weapons slots, consumable slots, engine speed, boost speed, loot. it takes several runs
where i kia before trying to win in sector 7.
39. if i am going to use a gunship or scout i try to get it early. there is not much sense in
building up perks for an interceptor you are going to disgard.
40. anyone who has played this game much knows that you can get thousands of credits just by
jumping through sectors. all you need is fuel. if you can add a little combat to get some fuel
all the better. resources, except nanobots, don't do you much good if you are going to kia
41. i prefer the gunship for all the sector 7 runs except the last where you meet admiral gorc for the first
time. there i prefer the scout since it is smaller and manuevers better. any of the three ships
can win the game, though.