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I'm frequently encountering objects spawning inside small asteroids that can't be harmed by weapon fire. This includes containers, crystal formations, and once a link drone, making its carrier effectively invincible.

I started seeing this one build before release, but there's a now noticeable framerate hiccup every time I close in on a shipwreck or large asteroid, presumably because bigger LODs are being loaded. I've also seen Let's Plays where this happened as well, so it's not just my machine. If possible, could you add an option to pre-load this data? I would rather wait a little longer for a map to load than have these hiccups during a raging firefight.

Please change the icon color for G&B containers from blue to yellow (like their fighters) so I can tell at a glance whether it's something I want to collect while I'm trying to stay on G&B's good side.

Thanks for your consideration. Absolutely loving the game so far!
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