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everspace version hardcore mode comments. i had been playing version and
had managed to win it on all three difficulty levels with both the gunship and scout. i was going
to try for another three wins with the interceptor but then i noticed that rsg had finally added a
hardcore mode to the game. as good as normal mode is it can get boring since it is rather tedious
to win. the interceptor on hardcore mode seemed more interesting. it was only a download away.
having now won in hardcore mode with the interceptor, i think hardcore mode is the best mode of
play in everspace. it is still not for the casual player, but it seems to be a much more straight
forward way to play. hardcore is a win or lose one run battle to sector 7. you don't rely on
previous runs to build up your ship. you can buy perks at the end of sectors. your ship starts
with all the blueprints. you are handicapped in some way for each sector. best of all, sector 7
is a shooting gallery not a manuevering exercise. i think it's great. i'd like to see more hardcore with different sector 7 scenarios. thanks rsg!