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Game freezes since last update. Update:
Version: GOG Galaxy

My system:
i7 4790k, gtx 970, 8GB, win7 64 bit

I'm not sure it is because the last update or the last galaxy update but the game started act weird.

I had no problem with it before, but now it randomly freezes.
Sometimes after 10 mins of gameplay, sometimes after 1 hour....
The screen completely freezes and it doesn't react to anything. The only thing I can do is closing it from task manager.
Nothing specific happens in the game when it freezes, no Okkars force arrive or smth like that. Looks like it is totally random.

I don't see any error code or anything.

Does anybody have the same problem?

1.) Drivers and everything updated
2.) When I verified the game files, it downloaded 0,6 MB, but it didn't fix the problem.
3.) Nothing on the clipboard, no error code or log
4.) I found the logs folder, it is empty
5.) CrashReportClient folder has files but it doesnt look useful
6.) I tried "RSG-Win64-Shipping.exe" > define affinity > uncheck CPU 3
Game froze after 5 minutes of gameplay
7.) I tried to run it without GOG Galaxy directly starting it with Everspace.exe and looks like it fixes the problem so far. But I'm not completely sure about it. I need to play it more to be 100% sure.
8.) I'm not using NVidia Geforce Experience
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Yes, I am having the same problem
greatsmilesd: Yes, I am having the same problem
Does it fix for you, if you start the game directly with Everspace.exe without Galaxy?
yes, starting it from the .exe file does seem to fix the problem
There is also a save bug.
I finished the run with ship 18, it is in the hall of fame log or how it is called.
But when I click on the continue button I'm with the ship 18 in the sector 5.
And I play on the same maps I already finished with the successful run.

As I see it saves the returned DNA and the purchases. So I can return the same DNA and spend the same money two times, if I finish this run with ship 18 (again).

Probably it happens because I'm playing the game with and without galaxy (because of the freezes) and I have cloud saves.
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Same here. No problems before, but now it freezes randomly :(
Looks like the new update fixed this for me