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Running the "in development" version / and have encountered an odd bug... seems like the game isn't exiting properly.

Here, Everspace is running on an MSI GT70 2PE laptop which has two GPUs: an Intel HD 4600 GPU for 2D/desktop stuff, and an nVidia GTX 880M for 3D accelerated stuff. A two-colour LED in the power button indicates which GPU is sending output to the display - when the power button is white it's the Intel GPU, and when it's orange it's the nVidia GPU.

The odd thing about Everspace is that the nVidia GPU engages when the game starts, and it runs great while you're playing (even with everything on "EPIC" settings), but then when you exit back to the desktop the nVidia GPU stays "in use" even after the game closes (whereas it should switch back to the Intel GPU for the windows desktop as soon as you exit. )

The bug is 100% reproducible - does it every single time. Loading to Everspace's main menu and then exiting immediately is enough to trigger the unexpected behaviour, you don't actually have to load a level or play at all. A reboot is required to get the Windows desktop running on the Intel GPU again. The task manager does not list sg-win64-shipping.exe as running after you exit, so I suspect it might be something like an nVidia streaming service that being started by the game, but isn't being stopped when the game exits.

FYI: The game automatically detected and used the correct GPU with the default GOG installation. Setting sg-win64-shipping.exe to specifically use "High Performance nVidia Processor" in the nVidia control panel under "manage 3D settings" (which is the fix for other applications that don't know which GPU to use) makes no difference.