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is it possible to install the GOG-DLC to the Steam Version of Everspace?
Since Steam only recognize items with a proper steam key (even DLC), I highly doubt that would works.
(and you'll have issue to maintain a proper version sychronicity for each update)

You can take your chances, but you main buy something useless. (When I'm in this case, I prefere pay for a second game on GoG and then get rid of steam)
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Glad you posted about this, I had no idea they'd released a new DLC & it looks great!

Luckily, I bought EVERSPACE game on humblebundle which meant I got steam & gog keys, so I don't have to bother waiting eons for gog to get their act together :D

Cheaper elsewhere too.
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I see that Steam has the Mac version of the DLC available but on GOG it's Windows only. I had thought it was a late release (within twenty-four hours of the Windows version) for Mac users here on GOG but it looks like I guessed wrong...
Asked Humble earlier today about if they'll be getting keys.

Stay tuned! :)