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Hi there

I've finally come around to installing everspace.

I installed it through the commandline. Not as root, but as a normal user.

When I go to my installation path though and executes ./

I merely get this output:

Illegal instruction (core dumped)

I've used the shortcuts as well, both the one with system libraries and the other, nothing seems to happen.

What do I do?
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I would love a solution to this
I don't even get an error.. it just doesn't load. sh gives back nothing, it says it is running but nothing pop up...

I wish I knew it was broken upon purchase.. I would not of bought it, it seems like it has been this way for 3 years.

I guess I will have to download the win version and see if it works with wine.. I will check back here and I will let you know what I figure out. doesn't work.
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