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nadascha: I have managed to start the game with the following settings - no modified dll needed:

Windows XP Service Pack 3
Fullscreen disabled

I used the win 10 build in "problem solver" - sorry I don't know the english word for it. But as far as I can tell it works.
This works! Thanks!
hercufles: There is one ask your money back and that is what I have done. And bought another game.
seeker010: Found this thread by accident. If anyone still cares, this problem is easily solved by deleting winmm.dll; or download the modified dlls from this thread

the ancient version of winmm.dll bundled with EU1 does not work in Windows 10.
yep rennaming WINMM.DLL to BCP WINMM.DLL (because you want to have backups) works : game now starts (i use XP SP 3, Admin rights in compatibility options for Europa.exe) and i am able to get into tutorial.
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