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Nostalgia forced me to go back to EU2, last time I've played it was 5 years ago. I played on vanilla which was patched to 1.09 version. However, now, after I dug into the topic, I see that theres a mod called 'AGCEEP', which everyone recommend. However I have no clue where to download it, how to install it, which version should I choose, I've tried to google it but every information comes from like 2004-2005, and all the links are dead. Is there any ''active'' forum of that game?

EDIT: I tried installing the mod from that page, however, atfer I start ''The Grand Campaign 1419-1819'' game, a window is popping up saying ''could not find religion file'' , when I ignore it, it leads to massive fatal error and the EXE gets terminated. How can I handle it? Am I installing the mod properly? I need someone whos experienced with that to explain it to me, cuz Im totally green, and I also miss the game pretty bad.

Or maybe I should ignore EU2 and go straight to For the Glory? And if yes, where can I find the newtest AGCEEP mod for For the Glory?
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I've played around with these games, but I'm not intimately familiar. To my knowledge For the Glory comes pre-bundled with AGCEEP. I think there's a drop down menu in the options that lets you select it. That said, a lot of people seem to complain about bugs and crashes in FtG.