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EU Links (in no particular order)
NOTE: Almost all of these site are long gone, so use the Wayback Machine to see the content:

Jeremy W. McGuinn's Additional Graphics for Europa Universalis (English) (Original Site, Use Wayback Machine) (Current mirror)

KerLoïc Ar Braz (French/English) (Use Wayback Machine) (French) (Use Wayback Machine)

JP's EU Site (French) (Use Wayback Machine)

Yoghurt's EU/EU 2 Site (English)
[url=][/url] (Use Wayback Machine)

Doomdark's Europa Acendant (Improved Grand Campaign, EU Validator Home) (English)
[url=][/url] (Use Wayback Machine)

Laurent Favre's RealEU Mod/Tweak of Improved Grand Campaign (IGC) (English) (Use Wayback Machine)

Stefan Huszic's EU FAQ (English)

Paul "Oranje" Vermaas's EU FAQ (English)
[url=][/url]/ (Use Wayback Machine)

EU Province (English) (Use Wayback Machine)

Moctezuma's EU/EU 2 Site (EU Scenario Generator, Unlimited Time Patch) (English) (Use Wayback Machine)

Bartlomiej "Glazer" Szklarz' EU Site (Polish) (Use Wayback Machine)

Europa Universalis (Fan Site) (German) (Use Wayback Machine)

Die Europa-Universalis-Area: Die deutsche Fanseite zu Europa-Universalis (German) (Use Wayback Machine)

Gassan's (Missing) Index for the English EU Manual in Word Format (Paradox provided a PDF of the index)

EU Tools (Home of EU View, a save game viewer) (English)

Colonial Atlas for Europe Universalis


EU Leader Editor (Latest Version: 2.1b)
Setup_21.exe (Version 2.1) (Version 2.1b Patch)
The EU Leader Editor is a freeware tool that allow easier editing of the Monarchs and Leaders of Europa Universalis. It presents the Monarchs and Leaders of a each country in a table format. It allows editing of current personalities and the addition of new ones. From version 2.0 the editor can also edit the historical events for each monarch. It can also save all the Monarchs or Leaders into a file that can be used in other programs or printing. The IDs will be handled by the editor so any time-consuming crosschecking is not necessary. When finished editing, the game files can be saved to the game or any other directory.

EU Scenario Generator by Moctezuma (Latest Version: 1.16)

EU Unlimited Patch by Moctezuma
Europa Univeralis is designed to simulate 1492 to 1792 period.
However the same game engine with little modifications can be easily used for much wider period. Hundred years war, Fall of Constantinople or Napoleonic wars are an examples.
This patch allows you to design and play any scenario since 0 AD afterwards (Unfortunately BC years are not supported because the game cannot handle negative values).
This patch does not affect existing scenarios. It is tested on german 1.08 and 1.09 versions but may work with any language version (not tested).

EU Validator by Henrik Fåhraeus (Latest Version: 0.91)
The EU Validator is a very simple command prompt utility with three main functions:
1) Detect free monarch and leader id ranges to facilitate editing.
2) List all monarchs or leaders in a readable form.
3) Detect id conflicts in the leader, monarch and .inc files.

EUSpy by HorragotH (Latest Version: 1.03)
This util allows to extract a quick overview of all players basic standings from the EU savegame, including the Badboy stat that is not visible from the game.

EU View (Latest Version: 1.0)
EU View is a Europa Universalis save game viewer. Key features include:
-Support for multiple EU Installations (User selectable install path).
-Overview of all nations' information in easy to read tables.
-Overview of all reigning monarchs.
-National Information: cities/colonies, trade posts, armies, navies, and historical leader information.


Improved Grand Campaign by Henrik Fåhraeus, Dirk Hartmann, J.W. McGuinn and James Oakley (Latest Version: 2.3) (Version 2.0k) (Version 2.2c) (Version 2.3) (AI)
The Improved Grand Campaign add-on for Europa Universalis is, at heart, an effort to make the game even more historical without compromising the game balance. For example, we have corrected and expanded the leader and monarch files for most of the neglected nations. There are also entirely new nations, such as Ethiopa and Ragusa, and new revolters like Novgorod and Greece. We have even fixed some bugs concerning population levels and army sizes.

Scenarios/Campaigns by (or hosted by) Yoghurt (Ancient Civilizations) (British Isles Viking Invasion) (Enhanced Fantasy)
For God and (For God and Glory)
Heritage of Genghis (Heritage of Genghis Khan) (Holy Father)
House of (House of Hapsburg)
Kingdom of (Kingdom of Armenia) & (Kingdom of Jerusalem) (Lithuania)
Maori (Maori Kingdom) (Natives GC)
Rebirth of the (Rebirth of the Prophet)
Surfers (Surfer's Paradise)
Terror of Agha (Terror of Agha Khan)
The (The Empire) (Zuckergußgebäck's World War I)
Medeival (Medieval Grand Campaign 1192-1492, English) (Additional files and scenarios)


Missing Manual Table of Contents (provided by Paradox Interactive)

4785x4218 Pixel EU Map Provided by Paradox Interactive

I actually do have all the scenarios/campaigns/tools etc. listed above from research in 2003/2004, so hopefully, they can be made available again since the Wayback Machine does not always provide working download links.

Also, I encourage anyone with more-up-to-date or additional information to post in this thread.
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Found this thread by accident. If anyone still cares, this problem is easily solved by deleting winmm.dll; or download the modified dlls from this thread

the ancient version of winmm.dll bundled with EU1 does not work in Windows 10.
Cannot find IGC or the RealEu tweak anywhere. What someone kindly provide web or dropbox links?
fret_man: Cannot find IGC or the RealEu tweak anywhere. What someone kindly provide web or dropbox links?
I have the IGC archived.

I haven't found any other mods online, if you have some other, would you like to share, if you have some?
fret_man: Cannot find IGC or the RealEu tweak anywhere. What someone kindly provide web or dropbox links?
Nightblair: I have the IGC archived.

I haven't found any other mods online, if you have some other, would you like to share, if you have some?
If that Google Drive link fails the IGC files and install instructions are also uploaded as attachments in the Paradox EU1 forums:

Sadly there weren't many replies about old mods on those days as well, andYoghurts links also seem broken. I never bothered with the RealEu project back in the day, and by comparison of old thread traffic, neither did anyone else. :/