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I like the ancient era (I also studied Greek and Latin at school), so when I bought EU:Rome it was an instant blast for me.


This game just does not work. It crashes every few minutes after 20 or 30 years of gameplay. If I click on the government screen, it crashes; if I click on armies to see generals loyalty, it crashes; now it started crashing even when I click on a province.

Basically, it's unplayable.

Even the beta patch which I have downloaded from the Paradox website (alongside the Epigoni mod) does not improve things, probably it make the crashing worse.

Every suggestion is higly appreciated. I really wanna play this game.
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Today afternoon I've reinstalled the game several times hoping to fix the problem.

Nothing worked.

Then I lowered the in-game resolution to the lowest possible setting and never had a crash for few hours.
Sometimes there is some text missing here and there for reasons I don't get, but when that happened I just loaded Rome again.

Hope this nonsense "trick" will last for many months and years!
Unexplicable, though (lol).

I will let you know if I meet constant crashing again, guys.
Oh, and I suggest to download the Epigoni Mod. It's not perfect, but it really adds content to the base game.
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It worked for few days but now it crashes again...So, didn't solve the problem.
It may be an issue related to your graphics card. Older Paradox games sometimes crash or won't start because of newer hardware.
Go to your graphics card settings (like the Nvidea controller) and try to apply certain exceptions to the game.
Also make your antivirus open an exception for the game. My EU:Rome was freezing on the start screen because of the Antivirus.
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