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Would appriciate any help or feed back on this.

Got the game to work on Windows 10 by replacing the games winmm.dll with the suggested .dll from a X-Wing music fix.
Can work just aswell if you delet the .dll. Also I had to run the game in compatability mode (tried both xp service pack 2 and windows 7 combatability) and run it out of gog galaxy firts and then it'll work in gog galaxy (So if anyones having trouble running it try those steps.)

But its the music fix which does seem to work.
Followed instructions in relation to the X-Wing music fix: downloaded and replaced all files and renamed the win32.dll to winmm.dll but to no avail - games runs as if the winmm.dll was deleted instead.

Also it should be worth a note the the MUSIC folder in the files for EU 1 only contains track2.ogg.

Will keep experimenting but would love some assitance with this issue. I am aware of the games to really suited for windows 10 but still would like to see what I can do about the issues.
This fixed it for me -

Although once the music stops, it doesn't loop from the beginner :(