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Is GOG's version of EU 1 able to play the background music?

I have the original CD and it can only play the background music when the CD is inserted. The GamersGate version does not have the background music at all.

Nobody buy DVD player anymore nowadays and I don't want to invest on one just to play this game with the background music.

The game will be played on Windows XP, so OS incompatibility shouldn't be an issue.

I saw another thread here asking the same question, but I'm asking this again just to make sure that it's able to play the background music before I buy the game.

Best Regards.
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I can't get ANY sound other than the animations (for example the launching video sequence. Once the game actually starts... no background sound whatsoever.

And here's the thing... It used to work. I used to have sound. I have no idea what happened but if I had to put money on it I'd bet it was a gd Windows update. They have messed up more than one older game for me in the past.
This fixed it for me -

Although once the music stops, it doesn't loop from the beginner :(
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