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for those intrested at some point its worth noting that
europa universalis 2 is stil being played in multiplayer by a small group of veterans
just google europa universalis 2 multiplayer forum and you get to the original forum for this game from paradox
there are also other games going since this is stil popular among russian and polish players outside that forum
the general concept in multiplayer is people play this game as a fixed country1day a week on a set time and day (for example sunday) and play it from 1419 or 1492 all the way to 1820 covering about 20-25years a week each time.

eu2 is less ruthless then europa universalis 4 community is so if played you got a good change of surviving the game despite alot of massive wars (some worldwars included)

expect players to be much much stronger then any ai you encounter though, i play this on sunday in mp and just lost a war where i was being invaded 2vs1 (spain+brandenburg vs france) in 1540 where you could see 600 000-700 000 men fighting it out already.