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I tried complete the tutorial several times, but I discovered, at least, two big problems:

The 1st was the cavalry recruiting. At the beggining you can recruit cavalry units without problem. BUT, If you save the game, close it and load it again, you'll never be able to buy more cavalry units.

And the second problem is even more important. It has been imposible to me to declare a war nor obtain a cassus belli against mameluks. This is a big one 'cause the final objetive of the tutorial is beat them in battle, which is completely unrealizable.

Perhaps someone knows a patch or some solution... or maybe is "sh*t happens" and there is nothing to do.
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I have the exact same problem - can't recruit cavalry, nor declare war. I hoped Catalonia would finally declare it and create an opportunity for me to honour the alliance, but it hadn't happened so far, despite -200 relations