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Just wanted to let people who don't visit the official Basilisk forums know a few things. First, the devs have said that they're going to release an official editor with Book 3. This may allow gamers to make their own adventures, although how much modding one can do will depend on what the editor allows. There's no release date ATM for Book 3, but prolly Fall of 2013.

In the meantime, gamer Xolotl has created an editor to use with Books 1 and 2. It allows editing of save game characters, as well as map alterations.

Discussion thread

Fans have also made some mods using this editor, Thaermore Revisited and Raver's mod, both for Book 1.

I'm starting a new game using the two mods along with a custom Merchant character. I don't know yet if my alterations will cause problems, but wanted to share about the editor and mods for those interested.
Great news, can't wait for the official editor! Thanks for letting us know :)
I want to know how to change my character's sprite. It really bugs me that I see tons of dudes in mage robes but there are no robes for the player to wear. I want to change my sprite to that of a mage. Does anyone know how to do this?
I'd like to change my sprite as well!

Actually, I'd like to be able to play as a woman in the Book 1. I thought maybe this thread might have something in it, but it doesn't look like it. There doesn't seem to be any mods or editors for that :(.

Oh well, maybe one day I'll still play it. I'm a bit disappointed though. I could never get used to my gender changing avatar in Ultima.
Archive for Thaermore Revisited seems to be corrupt, does anyone have a copy of it?
A separate issue now, thanks to the great assistance of someone, I was able to get a working copy of RD's Book 1 mod, which seemed great, but I also had Thaermore Revisited installed.

Unfortunately, installing the Book Mod, while initially working, seems to cause an access violation error in the Salted Coast.

Any ideas? Or is RD's Book 1 mod forever out of reach?