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Yeah... cool game but its resolution is a true pain in the ass. specially on a 13" Notebook. (ATI GC)
is there any possibility to change the resolution ?
It would seem not, according to the Basilisk forums.
can i scale it manually ? is there any software for DirectX Games or some .ini commands or ANYTHING ?

this game is pretty cool, but i dont want to mess up my eyes. its pretty hard to see in dungeons...
You can change your GPU's settings to scale the game to fullscreen, the low resolution will be more obvious but it can't be too annoying on a notebook that is likely to have 1300x700 something as resolution.

To change scaling you'll have to go into the control panel of either AMD/ATI or Nvidia and then search for it. There's usually three options: Stretch with AR, without AR (fullscreen) and no scaling (centered window).

If your notebook has an intergrated graphics card you'll have to google how to do it, I don't know how but it should be possible.