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Hey so I had some questions and I thought I'd see if anyone else has tried to do what I am trying to do..

Book 1 is fun but it has flaws. Overall I like it and I want to keep playing it. That being said I sometimes cheat. No comments on cheating sucks, games easy, blah blah. I know and I don't care. I like cheating, especially creating items. Sidenote, I decided to check out an editor after getting stuck in trees when I moved screens and goblins were there so I was literally stuck. I ended up giving myself supernova and killed them all, then quick traveled out and took supernova off my guy and went back as normal. But due to this, and several other questionable things, I ended up modding a toon and having a good time messing about. I had fun but towards the end I was too powerful for it to be fun still. So I deleted him and started again.

During my messing around tho I discovered an amulet called Gravediggers Amulet, that when equipped gives you a light spell that never ends. I love this item and I like to mod it so it's more useful. Great, fun, whatever. But what I really REALLY want to do is make a different item that gives me a different spell effect. As in a ring that gives me predator sight nonstop. This is where I am stuck. Obviously a char editor is limited in so many ways, but I thought I'd ask if anyone else has figured out how to do this. Even a shield with Gravediggers flame would be cool, making a shield actually useable..

So in short I am trying to figure out how to make spell effects stick to items the way gravedigger's flame sticks to gravediggers amulet. I assume it's in the game code and therefore is not easy to do? In my char editor I can give myself spell effects for a certain time period but I noticed that Gravediggers Amulet turns red and stays at 999 turns. I also noticed if you change the name of the amulet it stops working. This makes me think it is tied to the name, but alas no it is not. I made a shield called Gravediggers Amulet and it doesn't give me the effect. The amulet slot is the only slot it seems to work in, and only if named Gravedigger's (the key word, it can be gravediggers butt and it works).

So tied to amulet only? Tied to name Gravedigger but only in amulet slot?
Ideally I'd like to change a shield to have Gravedigger's spell so I can get around not needing a torch.