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As it's driving me crazy not being able to get pass LvL1 in Shadowmirk I eventually checked a few walkthroughs and they all said I had to defeat the Dimensional Eye on LvL1 ... problem is that the Dimensional Eye for some reason has ended up outside the chamber it was in the first time I encountered it (and fled as I was pretty low level at that point) ... so my questions are:

* Has anybody else ended up with the Eye outside the chamber unable to kill it or is this a bug?

* Is there any way to get to it where it is?
It's moving around outside the northern long chamber wall (see the attached image). I have a pretty high level of spotting hidden, but have found no secret pathways or door to get to it.

* Is it a bug it has ended up there? ... and if so, has somebody managed to manipulate save games changing the coordinates of an enemy (which I guess would be one way to bring into the chamber again)?

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