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Eschalon I is a fun game. However, an 800x600 window on a 1920x1080 (HD) monitor is small. I want to change the screen to 1360x768, so 800x600 would appear larger than it appears on the 1920x1080 screen. And I want to change back to 1920x1080 when I'm done playing. Using a GUI.

However, the GUI in Mint 19 doesn't list 1360x768 as an option. Other settings including 800x600 makes everything fat/distorted on my HD screen.

Fortunately, there are howtos on the web. Search for "How to set a custom screen resolution in Ubuntu". I used the first article, written by "Ji m", with the Wayland adjustment (xhost si:localuser:root). Except instead of "gedit" I used "xed" to edit the .profile account. It worked.


The .profile account of each user has to be changed individually.

I first made the changes in a privileged user account, not in the gaming user account, because the gamer does not have SUDO. When I switched back to the gaming user account, the Display GUI (Menu>Preferences>Displays, AKA "Monitor Preferences") did NOT list 1360x768.

I edited the "~/.profile" file for the gaming user. The two final xrandr lines had to be added at the end.


The GUI for the gaming user still did not list 1360x768! Time for a beer, and for some words that I won't repeat here.

After an attitude adjustment... I logged out of the gaming user account, then back in. Now the GUI worked! 1360x768 was listed. +1 for imperial stout! Now Eschalon 800x600 is more pleasant than it was when the screen resolution was 1920x1080. And the gamer can easily move back and forth between 1360x768 and 1920x1080 with nothing but clicks.

Bottom line, if you want a physically larger undistorted 800x600 window on an HD screen on Mint 19 (Wayland and systemd), then Ji m's instructions on how to set a custom screen resolution (in my case 1360x768) do work.
- The system infrastructure change does require SUDO
- Subsequent resolution changes do not require SUDO.
- "~/.profile" for each user must be edited individually.
- The change may not appear in the GUI until you log out and back in again.


Clearly, I'm not comfy with CLI and system changes, or with writing this. Anyone who wants to jump in and restate this in a coherent manner is welcome. Or, if there is an easier way for a non-privileged user to get a larger undistorted 4x3 window for Eschalon in Mint 19, please post it!