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The problem or issue: running on a Win10 PC.

The Escapists Walking dead (version GOG-2) would stalled on the game load screen (never finish loading the game.)

It was making a call to start GalaxyService which failed if you don't have the GOG Galaxy installed. Once it failed it would try again and again and again ......

The game should should try a few times then accept its not there and continue on. It should not require the GOG galaxy software to be there, since using the GOG galaxy loader and tracker is optional.

Note, The GOG Galaxy doesn't need to be running or even logged in for the game to find it and work.
I've exactly the same issue - game hangs on loading screen (after we choose level). No difference for any options combination.

Windows 7 64-bit with Intel HD 5500.
I have the same bug! I tried it on two different Windows 7 machines without Internet/Gog Galaxy, but the bug stays the same.

Is "The Escapists: The Walking dead" (version GOG-2) not playable without Internet/Gog Galaxy?

Are other "The Escapists"-games playable without Internet/Gog Galaxy?

Is there a bug-fix in development or can this problem being solved other ways?
That's exactly what it was Devastor, Downloaded GOG and it started right up.


Mr Snuffleupagus
Finally tried to play this for Halloween and hit this issue. So it's unplayable without Galaxy? Disappointing.
whatsnottaken: Finally tried to play this for Halloween and hit this issue. So it's unplayable without Galaxy? Disappointing.
Yes, it's unplayable, if GOG Galaxy or Internet connection is missing ("The Escapists: The Walking dead", version GOG-2, tried with different Windows 7-versions on different Computers)!

Installed GOG Galaxy and start "The Escapists: The Walking dead" over Galaxy ist not enough to play, without Internet connection. The game hangs in an endless loop after starting a game/campaign after the intro. See gamelog in Text-format.

(If the bug is fixed in the future, please post here.)
Well I just played around with the base game instead, not sure why that works fine while this one requires something extra?

It's not the constant connection that's my problem, more that I play GOG games to avoid the platform delivery networks since I already have required Steam, BattleNet, Origin, BethSoft, Uplay, and Desura games. I tend to shy away from all but Steam games since I've got so many on there, but I wouldn't expect it to be updated/fixed at this point unfortunately.
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You need to have instaled GOG Galaxy and a woking internet connection so that the game works, even if in the game page can be read "DRM-FREE. No activation or online connection required to play".
So GOG is selling a game that states that is DRM free but in fact it has a DRM protection (GOG Galaxy and a working internet conection required).
That is legaly a not acomplishment of the contract and fraud.
Please, fix that issue.
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it seems the forum eat my last post so I post it again...

For those interested, the latest version of the game released recently corrected this bug. So even if you are offline and without Galaxy the missing will start and the game will no longer be blocked at the loading screen.
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Cant believe this problem lived since july 30 2016 till september 23 2018!!!

I usually buy a game, download the offline installer and play it for a while then, to the archive hdds and keep downloading updates until something big make me play it/install it again... but usually never check the update itself

A week ago my son asked me if he can play this game (since twd season 9 its coming next month) so I realize there was a loop loading bug in the updates, but, as Gersen says, the game runs fine now

They removed the "new" survival option and a lot of MB (as I show you guys in the pictures attached), I just wonder what would change those 250MB+- ingame... well, at least we can play it, right? Hope future updates will bring back the survival option... without breaking the game again hehe ;D
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