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Changelog for update 1.325 / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-10 (Mac) / GOG-5 (Linux) (added 2 June 2016):

- Added new map London Tower.
- Added Italian localisation.
- Fixed an issue where the leader boards could take a long time to load.

Patch 1.251 (16 February 2016):

- Adds a new map (Paris Central Pen)

Patch 1.2396 (10 December 2015):

- Adds the Santa's Sweatshop Free DLC
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Changelog for update 1.345c / GOG-9 (Windows) / GOG-11 (Mac) / GOG-6 (Linux) (added 03 October 2016):

The Escapists Map Update: Banned Camp!
You've been caught, and the trial didn't go your way, but there's still hope!

Your friendship with powerful people in powerful places has ensured that you've been sent to a more 'comfortable' prison at Banned Camp!

Enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, the sound of the breeze rustling the trees and the beautiful vista of the idyllic lake. But don't be fooled, as this camp has a pretty serious electric fence to stop you from wandering too far, and the guards here are real mean!

You'll need your wits about you to escape this time...
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Changelog for Patch 1.349 / GOG-10 (Windows) / GOG-7 (Linux) / GOG-12 (Mac) (added 05 October 2016):

- Minor bug fix.
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Changelog for Patch 1.37 - Jingle Cells Update / GOG-11 (Windows) / GOG-8 (Linux) / GOG-13 (Mac) (added 08 December 2016):

Following on from last year’s release of the free Santa’s Sweatshop content, our daring escapee elf unfortunately lost control of their sleigh mid-flight and was forced to make an emergency landing – right in the middle of the grounds of the Jingle Cells prison!

Stuck doing hard time again, if you want to get home in time for the holidays you’ll need to sneak around the brand new wintery themed prison sourcing the unique items and crafting supplies that you’ll need to repair the sleigh and make another break for it!

- The Jingle Cells update features:
- New festive themed prison to escape
- 20 new items and craftables
- New leaderboard to make your mark on
Escapists: The Walking Dead, The

Changelog for update (added 04 December 2017):
[macOS Only]

- Installer maintenance update - No game files were changed.