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Having learned about this game during sales these past couple of days this person was ready to give it a chance. They would never have expected to have as much fun as they had playing it. It is challenging but never unfair - even one who isn't capable of typing hundreds of words per minute should be capable of beating the bosses of each area, the story was interesting, the art gorgeous, the soundtrack has something to it, the exploration was fun. In short a great game, which all those involved in creating it can and should be proud of.

Would this person have known before sales they would have bought it and is going to recommend it to everyone they know even for full price. This is a first, as well as this type of game was a first, and unique, experience, one just can't go wrong in buying and playing it!

Having finished this game, having explored it all, and unlocked everything, there is one thing that needs change. Once one has unlocked something, they would expect to be able to view it from the Main Menu. Yet, one can only admire the unlocked artwork from within the game. This would need to be fixed.

Besides that this person would wish for some sort of difficulty setting as relates to the arena fights. This could be done by introducing a words per minute setting. That would keep it a challenge to those who are capable of typing fast, or could offer a challenge to those not capable of typing so fast to introduce an additional challenge. Then there could be different numbers of enemies spawning during a wave, depending how fast or slow one is typing. If they type slow, the enemies will be of the slow kind, but will keep spawning in shorter intervals if speed of typing increases.

It would also have been interesting not to have all of the arenas available right from the start, but having one or two preset arenas. The rest would be unlocked while playing the game itself. (Hidden arenas would be a nice idea, something unlocked if beating the game, or beating an arena itself.)

Hoping that you will do great and this game will sell well, so there is going to be a chance for another gem like this one being realized at some point in time, this person wishes you all the best and as much success as (money-wise) as you could wish for!