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Hello everyone,
so while playing I encountered this problem: when I switch between fire and ice inquick succession (about 3 or 4 times), the keyboard responses are massively delayed. This is especially annoying when there are lots of monsters around, and can lead to me dying without being able to do anything about it. I have a rather low-spec system, but i cranked down graphics as much as possible, so generally, the game runs with no issues. I also did not have the problem before I aquired the ice element.
What similarly appeared is the quirk that to change settings within the game, it only ever appears when I switch to another menu screen (i.e. change typing language, I hit the arrow, then go to back and the change happens).
Outside of the game, there are no problems at all with the keyboard responses.
Does anyone have any idea why that happens?

EDIT: So I tried playing the game again after a while, from the beginning to get back into the flow. This time, this bug happened always at the exact same spot after I got the flame element, which is one pf the spots where you are stuck in one place and monsters rush from all sides (the first one after acquiring the flame ability). One specific monster pops up and then no more input is possible. This is becoming game breaking and a major frustration.
I'm playing on a Win 10 system with a quertz keyboard, both of which have absolutely no issues otherwise.
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