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Greetings, adventurers!

We are super happy to bring you our newest patch update!


Prologue Refactor!

Our writer, Shawn, is currently in the middle of a sweeping refactor of the prologue encounters to make their results have more of a lasting impact on the world of Beor. The first wave of changes are now playable in our new patch! In addition to fine-tuning many of the existing stages, there are two new quest chains that can be unlocked in the prologue:

“Sometimes Dead Is Better”

For some time, failing the squire stage in the prologue resulted in Merrick Ravinger re-animating the fallen squire, Odessa Dauntless, to continue fighting. That used to be the end of the story. Now, not so much. During the decade following The Battle of Mountain Fall, Odessa grew into a powerful vampiric knight who now threatens the region and must be dealt with.

“Bengar Netherkin”

Bengar Skullsplitter has long been unlockable as a playable character in the prologue, but failing to save him will now result in the famous weaponmaster being transformed into a horrific monster by the netherkin. A decade later, it’s up to you to finish what the Ravinger Four started and put down the creature once known as Bengar Skullsplitter.

New Compound Encounters!

In your travels, you’ll encounter an increasing number of multi-part encounters with our latest batch of compound encounters.

These new encounters place a particular focus on ranged combat, so now some battles will kick off with a volley of ranged attacks before the fighting gets up close and personal. There are also opportunities to avoid encounters entirely or reverse an ambush through a successful perception check. And there are new massive random encounters, including…

“The Siege of Smiling Acre Farms”

When the heroes happen upon an idyllic farm swarmed by a slavering horde of zombies, it’ll take every skill in their arsenal to deal with the horde and its creator while attempting to save as many members as possible of the besieged family. Your actions will determine the fate of Smiling Acre Farms and decide whether future encounters at the farm are cause for celebration (providing a range of buffs) or a painful reminder of past failure.

Seasonal Encounters!

Shawn has devised a system for determining what season it is based on your turn number. Random encounters should now accurately reflect the time of year! Does your crew have what it takes to survive getting caught in a multi-stage blizzard?

Lots of Quest and Stage Fine-Tuning.

Shawn has made minor adjustments to dozens and dozens of encounters, fine-tuning their effects, rewards and text to make everything just a little more epic.

More details on the contents of this patch to follow!

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From everyone here at the Tavern,



- Added FX to gold/rep changes for served drinks/chains
- Integrated FX for gold/rep gain and removal, upon relevant UI button clicks and patron interactions
- Serve combo FX are delayed until post-combo UI cleanup
- Created/added coin gain and removal sound FX for coin VFX event
- Created/added rep gain and removal sound FX for rep VFX event
- Added GameActions tab to SkillsTraitsEffects sheet
- Restructured Skillspecials to specify type (GameAction or PassiveBonus) with refID from relevant tab
- Created GameAction class, integrated with DB
- Redesigned party dashboard
- Added quest progress indicator with built-in key stage result indicator
- Food supply is now messaged by a 5-step non-interactive color-coded slider
- Time of day is now messaged by a decorative slider (not yet integrated)
- Added dashboard callouts for leaving/entering the tavern
- Improved Travel dashboard callout
- Added dashboard callout for intermediate UX flow between selecting party action and confirming/interacting
- Available party actions are bound to partyData; currently only Rest is functional
- Rest action is now functional with log-embedded "pop-up"
- Created adventure action list item for dynamic population
- Redesigned and consolidated quest info area to upper right
- Added placeholder log for quest warnings, events, etc
- Supplies widget is now a 5-step color coded interactive slider in stylistic keeping with the dashboard
- Supplies steps now correspond to one of five tiers that correlate to specific supply amounts (and therefore cost) dependent on party size and distance
- Laid some groundwork for character skill specials as related to Game Actions
- Integrated questecution notifications (quest status report on lower right). Status messages now display for: hero becomes hungry, hero begins starving, hero is no longer starving, quest objective completion/failure, party departing/returning, making/breaking camp, heading back after key stage, quest abandoned (turn back), party enters new zone, start of afternoon and evening
- Added minor local randomized variation to hunger accumulation for each party member (evens out in the long run, does not affect system)
- Seasonal encounters!
- New quests!
- New compound encounters!


- Updated/integrated design for effect list item, facility slot, and checkin projection list items
- Duration indicated by time dial/disc
- Persistent effects (ie. sepsis, infection) display infinite symbol over time dial
- Turn Popup: Updated returning adventurer list item to accommodate design changes
- Updated effects tooltip formatting to accommodate design changes
- Added UI messaging for incapacitated party members during travel and events
- Quest and stage fine-tuning


- Added tooltips for hunger WIP
- Adjusted text boundaries for Early Access Notification on Landing
- Quest supplies increment/decrement buttons now work properly
- HP and SP are now clamped on the low end to 0
-Corrected string command issue causing hang on Scent of a Wom-Ant
-Corrected data issue causing strange behavior from some Make Camp/Break Camp stages
- Equip slot "empty" buttons are enabled as necessary during tutorial
- Corrected string command issue on Make Camp stage 1089
- Quest log item background indentations have been fixed
- Questecution music is now set to loop
- Removed debug line from PrologueFadeSequencer that was interrupting the starting tavern music track
- Fixed null ref error on existing Break Camp stage instances that have no spirit gains
- Fixed questecution null ref related to stage gains that was causing a Make/Break loop
- Added safety check to avoid negative party temp movement points in TokenParser, as well as in property getter/setter
- Changed "Close Range" stage subtype name to "Melee"
- First stage on return leg no longer triggers instantly after key stage (key stage event was resetting the intermediate stage spacer)
- Camera focus offset has been adjusted to prevent quest details from overlapping the avatar stage results icons
- Various fixes to return stage flag not being properly set
- Return stage quest log item formatting is now correct
- Party dashboard: Supplies slider now refreshes upon food consumption, The pause button no longer briefly displays at the start of questecution, Ration buttons no longer disable after one click, Ration buttons become disabled when supplies run out, Ration buttons become disabled when supplies run out, Party Options button is now hidden on depart and return stages
- Break Camp loop fixed: Quests with bad return stages are now automatically cleaned up and a new return stage generated, with log warnings so we know when it happens in the future
- Debug log cleanup

- Fixed stage node serialization depth limit warning
- Fixed error related to legacy parties lacking Adventure Actions
- Multiple fixes to avatar creation, destination flag display and cleanup
- Quest destination flags now display a glowing success or fail icon, dependent on quest status
- Underway quests: day of week info populates correctly
- Underway quests: time disc displays night time mode when not in questecution (party is camping)
- [Optimization] Quicker quest log display: quest log item elements for expanded view are not processed until the quest log item is clicked/expanded
- Fixed some null ref race conditions causing camera focus errors on the map
- Completed quests: quest debrief is now visible when viewing
- Fixed a party portrait FX null ref
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- Added an editor menu item to clean the cache
- Redesigned quest marker mouseover pop-up, added more quest info
- Fixes to portrait level/effect callouts for completed and underway quests
- Available quests: upon scene load, avatars and paths are pre-generated and hidden until quest selected
- Fixed inconsistent quest marker mouseover behavior
- Added dashboard callouts/replacements for quests underway and returned
- All non-quest stages are now generated on the fly, including Break Camp and Tavern Return (no more tracking of curNodeIndex)
- Hunger and starvation stacks integrated
- Rations now have a default nutrition value (5) that dictates how much hunger is removed per ration
- Ration buttons work properly, dashboard updates on change, ration buttons deactivate when rations depleted

- Ration buttons message number of rations consumed per click (hero's desired meal size based on their hunger capacity)
- Fixed some errors related to party Rest action
- Time of day slider now updates/inits properly
- Time of day text readout now displays properly
- party avatar pathfinding initialization fixed, questecution is functional again
- Fixed break camp stage generation bug that would cause multiple break camps to get created for continuing quests
- Notification Manager: Implemented checks to distinguish Questecution notifications from Tavern notifications (avoiding resultant errors)
- Added a keyStage flag to the stageContainer class
- Notification Manager: Implemented checks to distinguish Questecution notifications from Tavern notifications (avoiding resultant errors)
- Added a keyStage flag to the stageContainer class
- No-travel quests no longer bog down/hang the game
- Successive quests within a single day no longer break the game at "Set Forth"
- New questecution report items now appear at the top of the list
- Various updates to quest supplies processing that bring it in line with the new UX for Underway and Archived quests
- The 8th stage of the prologue no longer infinitely loops
- Prologue progress slider now functions
- Prologue time of day indicator now works (party is ensured to arrive before end of day)
- Added safeguards against starvation for The Ravinger Four
- Questecution status report: no longer reports tavern departure as arrival
- Questecution status report: now correctly announces it is morning at start of day
- The Party Rest action is now disabled for the prologue
- Party slot ration buttons are now disabled for the Prologue, with tooltip
- Hunger rate variability is more noticeable
- updated DB files, and a P4Connect orphan

- Questecution: stage generation no longer skips quest stages at the destination that precede the key stage (fixes prologue end stages)
- Fixed tutorial blocker that occurred upon clicking first patron in tutorial
- Party assignment: clickability is restored to Pending quests so assigned parties can be changed
- Tavern management hub is no longer invisible (positioned off screen - apparently this is something nobody else was experiencing)
- Fixed out of range error related to legacy return stage code
- Fixed broken questecution status messages for Prologue quest
- Eliminated quest base cost (trial run)
- Tavern: Fixed intermittent disappearance of management hub at top of turn
- Removed placeholder Wounded effect from returning adventurer list item
- Displaying completed quests no longer sets archived party members to AVAILABLE status
- Refactored handling of stage node execution and fixed various bugs related to broken parties (less than two characters), procedural zone stage selection
- Quest status report: fixed buggy day phase notifications
- Quest resolution pop-up: Epic moment and quest debrief now display properly
- Restored stage trigger functionality
- Fixed adventurer tooltip XP formatting
- Stage trigger tags are no longer visible in stage results
- Stage trigger tags no longer show up in the setup (fixes non-challenge events)
- Procedural XP rewards for non-challenge stages are no longer zeroed out
- All procedural XP rewards now have a small random variance
- Tavern Quest List/New Quest Pop-up: quest reward list now displays tavern expansions/upgrades and currency rewards (gold/rep/XP)
- Reward scroll list "none" indicator is now hidden when list is populated
- Temp removal of mood effects as they're not fully supported for the upcoming patch
- Stage triggered events at quest destination no longer skip intermediate triggers
- Stage triggers now allow for any combination of triggered stages and sequenced nodes
- Fixed race condition that could null a stage triggered via setup
- First travel stage of Stomp! in a newly started tavern no longer displays the Set Forth travel option
- Questecution: Turn Back now works again
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Nice to see the progress, will have to dive back in soon.

Keep up the good work!