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Greetings, adventurers!

We hope that your October has started off fangtastic, and you are finding the time to Trick-or-Treat yourself! Okay, okay, enough of the skele-puns....but come on, you kind of like us because we can be a bit candy-corny, no?

First off, we’ve fixed the nasty “make-camp, break-camp looping” bug. Any saves that were stuck in this fashion will now proceed to completion.

We've been working on completing the latest round of updates for quest assignment, questecution, and quest UI in general:

- Stage generation during questecution has been reworked so as to protect against broken quest states like the infamous Make/Break Camp loop bug.
- Hunger and starvation now accumulate in stacks that will correlate with character effects messaged by all new UI elements.
- We now have a quest progress indicator for parties in the field, additional contextual messaging for various party states and events (resting, departing, returning, etc), and a much better way of viewing quest underway or completed via a modified form of the questecution panel.
- We've also begun improvements to some map elements such as success/fail icons on quest markers with returning parties, improvements to quest marker info pop-ups, more consistent display/cleanup of party avatars, paths, and quest markers.
- Finally, optimizations that improve quest log recall speed, and endless random bug fixes related to the map scene.

We want to thank you all, our wonderful community, for interacting with us on a daily basis - your contribution and communication continues to make for a better Epic Tavern, and for that, we are extremely appreciative! New to our community? Join us during any of our Twitch streams, or daily on our Discord channel!

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From everyone here at the Tavern,