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Features in Detail:


- Quest details mutually exclusive options are as follows: Return to Quest List: displayed by default, hides quest details; Cancel: displayed while quest requirements not met (min party size of 2); once clicked any party members are cleared, Accept: displayed only when quest requirements met (min party size of 2); hides quest details
- Added stage subtype definitions as per the agreed upon new 3-digit stageTypeID scheme
- Added unified quest log item support for two new "travel" stages, now known as Event stages: Event:Travel, Event:Conversation
- Quest assignment UI and code has been updated to depict the new stage type design
- The PrimarySkillCategory (aka skill Subtype) class has been updated to respect the new design
- Tooltips have been created for Quest Objective contribution total and bonus text elements
- Character skill list has been updated to pull skill class and subtype names from StageCosmeticData
- UI stubs and code hooks have been created for the upcoming Quest supplies feature (locked until feature is online)
- UI stubs and code hooks have been created for Skill Checks including related list items (hidden until feature is online)
- Hunger meter is functional (though it imparts no character effects at this time)
- Ration buttons fully integrated, reducing hunger and foodstuffs when clicked
- Improved UI handling of completed quests (relies on the fixing of a known bug preventing recall of serialized quest party data)
- Tavern depart/return transition states are now supported by the unified quest log item
- Added make/break camp support to unified quest log item - these stages now have a unique skin
- Post-event UI sequence updated to leave portrait results and stage result "hat" displayed along side dedicated post-event options Forge Onward, Turn Back, Party Options
- Questecution: Spirit now decreases as a function of distance traveled
- Quest List now has a limit of 10 quests, after which quest summons stop appearing (does not affect quests triggered by bio event)
- Break Camp stage now restores 50% spirit to all party members
- All in game characters NOT questing now recover 50% spirit each turn
- Bad Moods Added based on Spirit Loss
- Bad Moods left unaddressed can deteriorate into Psychosis


- Added "Saving Game" message when the game is in the process of saving
- NextDay/GoForth button is hidden while viewing quest details
- Updated Quest assignment flow; Redesigned map nav bar: Cosmetic improvements, Moved pending quests/cost from End Turn button to nav bar, Added tavern gold display
- Quest details now has a clear party button to remove all party members at once
- When a party is assigned to a quest, the Go Forth button now displays VFX light rays
- UI polish pass on New Tavern difficulty selector
- Questecution portrait roll result text is more visible
- Custom Stage Definitions now support inheritance, allowing for a derivative subtype to be more easily created
- Stage Subtypes are now factored into weighted random stage generation
- Procedural Stages no longer rely on Stagebucket links, but draw all stages of their type
- Serve combo counter UI: Serve combos can now be canceled at any time with a Stop Service button present on the combo counter UI. This breaks out of the combo in its current state, retaining whatever reputation bonus that may have accumulated. Reputation bonus is now lost when the chain ends with an unhappy customer, timer expiration, or lack of nearby patrons. Various improvements to messaging and appearance, mostly in the combo resolution panel. The mid-combo counter UI now has an element that appears when two or more patrons have been served in a combo, displaying a running tally of the current reputation bonus
- Party Supplies is now an expandable dictionary to allow for simple addition of new type. All narrative tokens have been updated to reflect the new structure
- Save system now packs/unpacks current supply inventory under the new dictionary system
- Improvements and fixes to party travel distance tracking
- Dashboard distance tracker now works, and updates continuously
- Various fixes to display of ration buttons
- Added pulses to some text elements, activated on value changes
- Fixed various uninitialized dynamic elements related to hunger, region, and distance
- Quest log item header results failure indicator no longer disappears in certain cases
- Increased Event Action button profile (vert size) for easier clicking
- Turn Back option now calls a confirmation pop-up
- Added contextual messaging to questecution continue button: set forth, forge onward, continue, enter tavern
- Questecution: Changed order of post-event options panel for less mouse travel
- Character sheet: updated equip slot design with motif that will be applied to the roster list item equip buttons
- Cosmetic improvements/fixes to mutually exclusive quest pop-up

Fixes following this post!