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Mine is "Deep Sea." What's yours?
Magic. Cool music and just my overall favourite Table in the game.
Super Android. It would be nice if the original Android were included in this package. Slightly different table layout and entirely different music track. It's the one I remember, because it's the shareware version I had.
Enigma, because who needs a table that makes sense?
Excalibur is my personal favorite.
I know it was in the demo but Android id awesome. I like deep sea a lot too. This game was the first to provide me with long lasting pinball sessions, with sense of goals more interesting than just score.
Two favourite ones:

* Android because has in-depth level like progression not seen until Pro Pinball tables. Also idea for making synthetic to life.

* Cyborgirl aka Cybergirl because it's cyberpunkish table about girl hacking into cyberspace (contrary to what most people believe - it's not cyborg chick ;p)

Others I liked:

Space Journey - because it has that adventure into unknown kind of feel with kickass tune.

Deep Sea - the same but with underwater, more calming.

Pangaea - old times when dinosaurs walked on... interesting implementation of themes with actual rules and features on table.

Annoying, cheap but keep coming back:

Crash and Burn - fast, furious and really feels like participating into racing event and career...
I enjoy Deep Sea. The music in Space Journey is unmatched, however,

Still waiting for Jill to show up on gog.
Mine is definitely Jungle. It's the most nostalgic one to me. My uncle had just that one on his computer and I would play it all the time.
My Favorites are:

1. Andoid
2. Cyborgirl
3. Deep Sea
Very tough to choose for me but I will have to pick


Bur, Deep Sea and Pangae aren't very far behind.
While I've yet to add the collection to my GOG library, I do still have the CD release set up in DOSbox.
For me, the top 3 would have to be
1. Jill of the Jungle
2. Excalibur
3. Crash and Burn