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Hello, I just wanted to give an update on trying to play the game on Win10. It's working! Somehow..

At first, the GoG version was fine. However, no music (media device error). I ended up buying the disk for about $5. Trying to install that and run in compatibility mode didn't work either (the music was there but parts of the UI graphic was missing). I tried reinstalling and the music stopped working. Today, I turned on the computer and tried to mess with it some more. I was going to try to replace the original files one by one with GoG files to see if I could find what was causing the problem. I started up the disk installation. It worked! Sound and everything. The only problem is that the graphics were a bit offset (Everything was shifted about half an inch up. This made clicking on things a little bit of a problem. I redownloaded and installed the GoG version. I tried it before doing anything.. and it worked perfectly.. Weird?!.

Things I noticed:

-Both versions of the game worked differently depending on which hard drive/ssd I had them on. I'm not sure why, but the retail version wouldn't even install on my hdd in anything other than "minimal installation" even though there was enough room.

-Even the GoG version was looking for a CD from time to time last night. After having the CD in and reinstalling/restarting, it seems to be using the CD (I can hear the CD spinning when entering a new area).

-Set for windows 95, 256 colors, lower resolution, admin on disk install. GoG install was left at default.

-Mounted with Daemon Tools still caused the "looking for CD errors"

Sorry, I really have no clue why it works now. I was having the same problems as everyone else on here using Win10. Maybe just try installing to a different hdd, restarting after install, and making a disk from an image or picking up a copy for cheap.