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Hello, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but when I try any of the mission options in any mode, I click on the country, and it doesn't offer any available missions or a start option, just removes all country names but that one. Clicking it again brings it back to the country list. What am I doing wrong? Running it on Windows 10.
I'm having the same issue. Did anyone find a solution?
Same for me - missing the 'ok' tab after selecting the theatre (same for any mission type - ie free flight, skirmish, etc)
the only countries in the menu that have missions are Taiwan Lebanon and Yemen, so the OK button shows up for them. checking the map folders in the game directory also shows that the other countries have no mission data.

also looked at a vid on Youtube of the game and it only showed the 3 countries mentioned in the Skirmish listing, so don't know why the other countries are listed in the GOG version. maybe there is an expansion that is missing from the GOG version?
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