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The first time I tried taking a screenshot in EECH it caused the game to crash. EECH didn't have a screenshot directory, and for some reason couldn't create the folder itself, when I hit the "Print Screen" key. So I exited out of the game and created it myself under "C:\GOG Games\Comanche vs Hokum\common\SCRNSHOT".
The next time I tried taking a screenshot there was a slight pause when I hit the key, and this time it didn't crash the program. So I though great, it took the screenshot okay, and I ended up taking five more of them while flying a free-flight mission. After that I then exited out of the game and proceeded to check out the screenshots I took. But was a bit confused as my screenshots were .TXT files, named IMAGE000.TXT through IMAGE006.TXT. Containing map cordinances at the time the key was pressed. Is this normal? I know I can use use "IrfanView" or the "Ultima Online Screenshot Utility" to take screen captures instead, I'm just wondering if I'm the only one this is happening to.

IMAGE000.TXT contents...

Image viewpoint data:

Map : unknown
X : 130847.09
Y : 676.72
Z : 56276.57
X sector (3D) : 63
Z sector (3D) : 27
X sector (AI) : 31
Z sector (AI) : 13
Heading (degs): 105.27
Pitch (degs) : -1.12
Roll (degs) : 0.00