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So I went ahead and picked up EEAH for nostalgia reasons, and it seems most of the fixes for this series of games is directed towards EECH instead. I can understand the allure to being able to fly EEAH missions in EECH as well, but alas I bought the title I've known first to dip my toes back in the water. Framerate tanks in game when looking at any kind of terrain or moving objects. Seems to be a common problem. I'm currently running it in Win10 on a ryzen 2700x. I've tried a few of the fixes listed for the other game, such as DxWin. I can't seem to find an ini file for EEAH like I keep seeing posted about for EECH. Any help or somewhere to start would be nice, such as settings I haven't tried in DxWin and what not. I'd just love to get to a playable frame-rate, and I think having an answer to problems with this game would be nice, since clicking for the GOG forum links to discussion for both games, even if the majority of the fixes are for EECH atm.
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