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I have both games installed, I installed both games into their default directory. I ran EEAH first, then EECH. EECH recognized EEAH when first loaded, and I have access to the EEAH helicopter's. However, but I don't have access to the EEAH missions-Cuba, Georgia and Thailand.
Is it possible to copy over the map files from EEAH over to the EECH directory, and make them available to me? Or do I have to uninstall both games and install EEAH first, then EECH over-top of EEAH?

This is what I wan't to do.
Copy maps folder
C:\GOG Games\Apache vs Havoc\common\maps
C:\GOG Games\Comanche vs Hokum\common\maps

If that will work, should I chose not to overwrite any files with the same filename?

EDIT: I tried it out and it works. The EEAH maps files don't overwrite any files in the EECH maps directories-only add to them.
I copied some other folders over from EEAH to EECH as well. 3ddata, sounds and ui from common. And Aphavoc and Joysticks files.
Post edited January 20, 2019 by DrowWarrior