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I'm playing Enclave on Hard which is challenging sometimes, but nothing on the level of something as trivial as drowning underwater. I've played hundreds of games and I've NEVER seen any game where you drown this fast.

I'm in that underwater city currently, I almost drowned in a room with a gem and it took me freaking 5m to dive. Even I can do that in real life and I'm not even a hobby diver. But the Druid drowns like instantly. WTF

The problem is, when I get all the stuff enabled, get into that room with the giant pistons, when I turn the valve, entire room fills up all the way to the ceiling with NO air pocket. And I drown after 3 seconds. It's literally IMPOSSIBLE to finish this level because of it. There is just NO way you can swim out of there. No way. Especially with the clumsy slow underwater swimming.

What the hell? I kinda like the game and even though it has some of the dumbest design decisions I've ever seen, I want to finish it. But finding out for this piston room that gets filled with water with the need to replay entire level over and over gets really tiresome. What the hell is dealw ith the swimming and this particular level? A really shitty bug or something?
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Are you talking about this level? Here's the walkthrough vid:
Yes, this level exactly. And there is NO friggin way I can survive after 9:00 time in the video. Literally, when the water goes up I can't even swim fast enough to stay above water and at the rate Druid is swimming, there is NO way I could swim so far out from the room.

And the flooded room before this one, when player in this video was diving out from that room under the wooden stairs, half way through, I was already losing health because of drowning.

This has to be some really bad bug or something, because there is no way game would prevent you from finishing it just because I picked Druid instead of Halfling...