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Enclave is packed with little easter eggs left by both the level designers and gameplay scripters, but only some of them were ever found. Here's a short list of ones I remember, has anyone found others?

[Edit] I've added a few new ones since the original post was made.
[Edit] A version with hint screenshots is located on Steams community guides

Celadia Village - "Buk" on the rooftops
Go up to the roof area where a goblin archer pushes the barrels off of, and jump across the gap onto the small ledge at the bottom of the shingles. Follow this ledge and jump across again to another. Continue along and you will find it at the end.

Celadia Village - Designer credits
There's a texture hidden in the game files that looks like the "Celadia" signs seen throughout the level, only with the names of the level designer and texture artist instead. This texture is never used in either of the Celadia levels but has been included in the game's files.

Deserted Temple - The Crypt
Go around to the left side of the temple from where you start and hit the base of the cross shaped stone with an attack. Once it crumbles, go over to the crypt and 'use' the door six times.

Deserted Temple - Skeleton (More of a hidden detail, although a developer listed it as an easter egg)
In the room where you find the temple key, shoot the center of the cross on the coffin lid. Also in this level, although not an egg, is a force field which can be activated by shooting glowing switches inside the first room (right after the color coded door is opened).

The Divided City - "Tom"
After starting the level, if you keep to the right path you'll come to a pit that has a painted skull sign to the right of it. There will also be a sconce here with a block and plank that fall into the pit when you get near. Jump up onto this sconce. Now, without moving, (If you fall off the sconce the Easter egg will no longer trigger) shoot the skull on the sign a few times. Shooting the symbol which appears will also injure the player. (This symbol spells "Tom" from top to bottom and can also be found on some paintings in the game and on the textures for the Halfling, Wizard, and Jasindra.)

The Divided City - "CW"
In the area that has the crane which is blown up, there's broken wall with a tattered banner hanging down in the center. Look up near the top right edge of this broken wall and you'll notice a brick sticking out slightly. Shoot it with a staff or bow.

The Divided City - "Hank" / "Jerk"
Head to the area with the metal plate underneath the stairs, then turn around and look up. See that brick hanging out up there? Shoot it with your staff or bow. In the Xbox and PC versions of the game this reveals "Hank", while the Wii version has "Jerk".

Harbour of Ark Amar - Fishing
To the side of the ledge that the assassin is on with the ladder going up to it there are some supports sticking out of the wall. Jump along these and follow them around the corner. The use icon should pop up.

Meckelon - "Und keine eier!!" (And no eggs!!)
Begin the level with the Druid and the Astral Staff. Once you reach the small waterfall, you'll need to summon a golem and jump on top of it to reach the top of the waterfall. From here, head to the left where you'll find another short wall where you can summon a golem and jump up. Now, follow the ledge all the way around the blimp and the look down at the wall to the right. (Credit for finding how to reach this one goes to MisterPronka.)

Celadia Village - "Saga" on the rooftops
Located in the same spot as "Buk" on Light.

The Plateau - "Doghouse"
Once you reach the top of the plateau with the ruins on it, you will see two archways. Find the archway that is not broken and stand on the side opposite from the portal. Now, look up and to the left where you'll see a stone block hanging off the corner, shoot it.

The Great Wall - Rocket Pack
Follow the small ledge to the right of the bridge as far as possible and you'll find a spot where the use icon comes up. You'll then hear a switch sound, followed by "Keep your eyes open". Now once again follow the ledge, but this time back to the bridge.

The Great Wall - Exploding Rat
Near the end of the level is a small building with a forge and a number of valves inside. You'll need to turn these in a specific order. (Far right, far left, center)

The Mines of Ungard - "J.A. Was Here"
When you first come to the bridge you will find two gold pickups along the side. Take the first, but not the second (If you collect the second the Easter egg will no longer trigger). Next, you'll need to walk down each of the four supports on the sides of the bridge, right to the edge, and then back up. Finally go to the opposite end of the bridge and to its left where there's a carved out section of rock. Go right into the corner and the use icon will show up. The initials presumably stand for Jan Andersson who worked on the game.

Much of the framed artwork found throughout the game are images from the canceled Starbreeze project Sorcery. This is where the engine that Enclave is based on originated. Other material was also carried over, including the bone bridge at Ark Moor, the sconces and fire (from later builds), and some unused models in the game files.

Unlockable Characters
The two characters rewarded for finding all gold in the campaigns are from an early version of Enclave, when it was a deathmatch game similar to Quake3 Arena. There are also numerous textures left in the game files from this time, and two levels which were included with the editor as samples.

"If You Can Read This Call"
The gold coins in the game have a message written on the back which has been cited by one of the developers to be followed by their old phone number. Though difficult to make out, "If You Can Read This Call" followed by a number that begins with a Swedish area code is visible on the coins.
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Thanks! Pretty cool stuff!
Thanks for the info. It looks like most of the walkthroughs have missed these. I think that some of them qualify as "Secrets" and not just easter eggs.

I'm not trying to necropost, I just want to give this higher search preference, since you won't find it on any walkthroughs, secrets guides, or cheat lists anywhere else. It's also hard to find any info because "enclave game" brings up unrelated search results. I had to keep searching by "enclave 2002 game". Any other variation was nothing but misfires.

As for eastereggs, does one of the gnomes appearing to quote Warcraft 2's line "I love blowing stuff up" count as an easteregg?
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