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Hello everyone!

We updated the game to version 0.17.507.1553. Many of these bugfixes and suggestions for improvement came from your posts via the in-game suggestion button and forums. Thank you for your help.

Right now we’re preparing yet another portion of fixes, so stay tuned for more.


- Added inventory filters;
- Increased fog of war radius on many locations;
- Stacks hold more items, they’ll take less space;
- Fights end with a two turn timer if an enemy can’t see the player;
- Weakened rats in the basement of the gas station;
- Reduced speed of the training holograms;
- Added a bed in player’s room in Magellan;
- Taylor Portman and Margarita Tkachenko now have more items to trade;
- Fixed and opportunity to destroy an entry into Junktown collector;
- Fixed visual artifacts on Magellan reactor floor;
- Location of trader Taylor Portman: fixed problems with doors, access to objects, lying on the bed, etc;
- Removed Persuasion check in the dialogue with Fops in the location with robbed caravan while playing as low i-ntellect character;
- Improved clarity of the tooltips while pointing at abilities that require objects to be applied;
- Fixed hatch visual appearance on the Magellan elevator location;
- Fixed an ability to put money on the Rocker rat if he was excluded from the race;
- Fixed slots that were occupied by “Panacea” relic;
- Defeated characters on Emulator level no longer have equipment;
- Finalized the “Mirror” random encounter;
- Fixed Kraut pneumatic punch if you didn’t have enough gas charges;
- Fixed thermal protection bonus of "Volunteer" boots;
- Fixed the reactor room radiation poster;
- Fixed portraits of Black Wing characters in Junktown bar;
- Finalized plot in a dialogue with John Kepler;
- Added a loading screen for “Sonora” bunker;
- Dialogue with Dustin Grumman was rewritten;
- Added a bed in Junktown rented house;
- Fixed display of multiplying modifiers in tooltips;
- Fixed the text of the passed time message;
- Fixed opportunity to report the fate of a Black Wing employee in a dialogue with Kingsley;
- Fixed the dialogue logic with the surveillance system in Nashville;
- Foxed Orange portrait on Magellan's residential floor;
- Replaced items in a janitor cart in Nashville;
- Fixed a typo in the dialogue with Dead Man;
- Appearance of Petra Villard has been changed;
- Fixed display of status from dark beer;
- Fixed display of Roy Oldy dialogues;
- Fixed typos in the beggar dialogue;
- Fixed text transfers in weapon tooltips;
- Fixed control panel template on Emulator location;
- Updated mini map of -3 floor of Magellan;
- Fixed screens on -3 floor of Magellan;
- Fixed an ability to give brass knuckles to companions;
- Fixed the plug-ins in the dialogue with the panel in the reactor room;
- Fixed the routes of the characters during the "Storm" event at the landing site;
- Fixed texture mapping on the Drakonov’s light machine gun;
- Fixed "First Aid" tooltip;
- Fixed the name of the Campbell bunker in a dialogue with Kingsley;
- Fixed the using of theft on rats;
- Fixed the vacuum cleaner on the Magellan reactor floor;
- Fixed a short combat start when receiving damage from a cut;
- Fixed a typo in Krump's dialogue;
- Fixed relict case on Emulator location;
- Fixed cutting glove display;
- Fixed Magellan's floor numbering;
- Fixed asphalt texture on Nashville;
- Fixed dummy name on the location with machine;
- Fixed terminal position on Magellan;
- Fixed the servo armor stuck-in when it was removed;
- Added progression system of the sold equipment for the McPherson;
- Fixed bugs while getting points from Santiago;
- Fixed game grid behind the Junktown bar;
- Fixed Yoko's reaction to a broken bunker door;
- Fixed the name of the exit from the cave below Nashville;
- Fixed templates of some items at the filling station in the first act;
- Fixed hotkeys in the help window;
- Fixed recording of consumption of medicines and other items in character statistics;
- Fixed an invisible relic in Magellan's eco zone;
- Added a mini-map for the basement of refueling station;
- Fixed a dialogue freeze with Katarzyna;
- Fixed journal update while handing Henrietta Russo anomalous essence.