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Changelog for Early Access Hotfix I (added 28 September 2019):

We had a big day yesterday. We played Encased with you, watched streamers die in Magellan's elevator and, of course, read your reviews. Thank you for all your warm words, support and many many questions. We’re still working through your emails. Some of them are bug reports, reporting game errors.

Having closely reviewed these messages, we prepared the first quick patch that should fix the most critical and unpleasant bugs. Here’s a short list of corrections:

- Fixed Training day completion on GOG version,
- Fixed Cain achievement,
- Smoothed player’s character movement,
- Weapons close range precision tweaked (most of firearms),
- Fixed a logical error in the dialogue with Jana Zilberman,
- Fixed the title of the article on the tablet (-4 floor, laboratory),
- Fixed discovered errors and spelling mistakes,
- Training ground: Fixed access to the ammo box,
- Residential floor: Fixed access to the locker,
- The dialogue with Ben Koch no longer shuts down, and he takes lunch from the player correctly,
- Problems with interactivity and access to certain areas have been resolved,
- Gas Station: the turret has been moved closer to the cafe entrance, and the truck has been moved to the cafe entrance. Player can now see Clara Morgan,
- Warehouse floor: a turret, flower pot and broken box have been moved to the correct height,
- Lab floor: Fixed access to the terminal,
- Derek Exler: correct sound is set,
- Item crafting: A shell is now required to create 5mm ammo,
- Thirst quenching: Beer quenches 35 units (formerly 30),
- Thirst quenching: Coffee quenches 35 units (formerly 20),
- Thirst quenching: Packaged water quenches 75 units. (formerly 50),
- Thirst quenching: Shhhow soda! Quenches 60 units. (formerly 45),
- Thirst quenching: Canned beans quench 35 units. (formerly 15),
- Thirst quenching: Canned meat quenches 15 units. (previously 5),
- Thirst quenching: Noodles Noola quenches 20 units. (previously 10),
- Thirst quenching: Heated canned beans quench 25 units. (formerly 10),
- Thirst quenching: Heated canned meat quenches 15 units. (previously 5),
- Hunger satiates: A boiled cockroach egg satiates 25 units. (formerly 15),
- Hunger satiates: Boiled egg satiates 45 units. (formerly 35),
- Hunger satiates: Canned beans satiates 75 units. (formerly 55),
- Hunger satiates: Canned meat satiates 90 units. (formerly 70),
- Hunger satiates: Fried rat satiates 65 units. (formerly 35),
- Hunger satiates: "Balance" lunch satiates 100 units. (previously 85),
- Hunger satiates: "Champion" lunch satiates 80 units. (formerly 50),
- Hunger satiates: The "Good Nutrition" lunch satiates 90 units. (formerly 70),
- Hunger satiates: Noodles Noola satiates 45 units. (formerly 25),
- Hunger satiates: The onion satiates 25 units. (previously 10),
- Hunger satiates: Potatoes satiates 25 units. (previously 10),
- Hunger satiates: Rotten pork satiates 200 units. (formerly 150),
- Hunger satiates: Fried cockroach foot satiates 75 units. (formerly 50),
- Hunger satiates: Fried rat tail satiates 10 units. (formerly 5),
- Hunger satiates: Warm canned beans satiates 90 units. (formerly 70),
- Hunger satiates: Heated canned meat satiates 105 units. (previously 80),
- A bag of water, an onion, a cockroach eye and an egg can now be consumed,
- The price for potatoes is reduced from 18 cb. to 3 cb.
- The price for onions is reduced from 3 cb. to 2 cb.
- Egg attributes were changed: hunger -35, health points +1, price reduced to 4 cb.
- Nashville cave: the problem with the availability of objects was fixed,
- Glue, gun grease and mercury can now be consumed,
- Nashville offices: Fixed incorrect initialization of combat,
- Frost status effect is no longer stacking,
- Updates in the "My History" quest are now shown correctly,
- Lab floor: Fixed positions of some triggers and visual effects,
- In the quest "Hit the key and all is gone" perception requirement is lowered,
- Wasteland: Fixed incorrect player appearance in the location,
- Accommodations floor: contents of the locker in the ventilation are fixed,
- Administrative floor: Fixed clipping, now the player cannot pass through the toilet wall,
- Fixed the interface problem in the bug reporting system,
- Text is now displayed correctly in the interface,
- Fixed incorrect display of the font on the clock in the interface,
- The message "Happy find" is no longer displayed if nothing is found,
- On the character creation screen, added a window to confirm skill selection,
- Expanded active zone when selecting a favorite skill,
- Fixed a bug where the tooltip on the weapon did not turn off after closing the container, using barter, or "Pocket Theft" skill via hotkey,
- Fixed a bug that occurred when opening a container while pressing F,,
- Fixed a bug with opening the location window when moving to the selected location on the global map.

P.S. Yes, we heard your feedback and now your hero can eat glue!

Standalone installer updated (v0.14.926.1519 ⇒ 0.14.928.0022): 01 October 2019.

~~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Early Access Hotfix II (added 01 October 2019):

Hello, and welcome everyone to our next set of patch notes! This will likely become our “regular column” for the next couple of months. An Early Access launch is certainly no time relax, and in addition to eliminating bugs and finalizing localization, we’re also adding some additional content that should breathe life into the trackless desert.

Thank you to all the concerned users who regularly send us bug reports about anything that spoils your immersion or gameplay, or interferes with playthrough. And yes, hello too to our torrenting friends. We’re grateful for your input, but please make sure you’re running (pirating) the most recent version. Or another option is to purchase the official game and get the latest updates automatically. :)

- Fixed the corpse blocking the passage;
- Fixed a bug stopping the game launching in some Windows locales (in particular, the Turkish version);
- Hunger and thirst: the rate of fatigue, thirst and hunger has been reduced;
- Hunger and thirst: changed the parameters of food and drinks;
- Fixed access to several groups of objects in the elevator service room and warehouse levels in Magellan;
- Lab level: fixed pathfinding around the doctor’s office and in the ecozone;
- Lab level: fixed newspaper header text in portable device;
- Lab level: injured Holiday is lying on a hospital couch now;
- Lab level: added NPC markers to the minimap;
- Lab level: fixed radiation exposure mechanics;
- Residential area: fixed Keith Boseman gestures;
- Residential area: fixed a robokid repair bug when using the repair kit;
- Residential area: fixed the Jana Zilberman dialogue logic, now you don’t need to buy anything in order to get your cut for the quest;
- Residential area: fixed Ben Koch dialogue;
- Administration: fixed Cheerful Jack mini-game bugs;
- Garrison: fixed object access problems;
- Storage: fixed reaction to attacking John Keppler;
- Gas station: fixed status effect removal if the player decided to drink with Melville;
- Nashville parking lot: fixed ladder functionality;
- Barrens: fixed level exit;
- Anomalous bog: fixed crates access;
- Fixed triggering of the “Cain” achievement on the GOG version;
- Fixed scanner VFX bugs;
- Crafting: lockpicks can now be fashioned from scissors;
- Fixed numerous localization errors;
- Fixed “Wrestling Stance” effect;
- Fixed ammo type display in the weapon tooltip;
- Changed the experience reward for picking locks using the abilities “Lockpicking” and “Force”;
- Ammo drop amounts increased;
- Fixed bug with updating inventory weight while crafting;
- Fixed the behavior of crafting without the workbench window;
- Fixed behavior of the crafting items list when scrolling;
- Fixed raw eggs weight;
- Gas station basement: fixed crate access;
- Nashville: fixed turrets faction (they attack the infected now);
- Fixed getting a reputation in Black Wing if you help Ida Grace eliminate the Oranges;
- Coffee and soda reduce fatigue;
- Fixed triggering of the “Mary and Pierre” achievement;
- A quest to fix a robokid is now displayed in the journal;
- Added an option switch to lock the cursor inside the window when playing with a second monitor;
- Fixed the translation of part of the prison vignette;
- Fixed the start of combat when the player breaks the door to solitary confinement;
- Fixed radiation removal when using the toilet;
- Fixed the behavior of Codex and Reputation tab hotkeys;
- Fixed displaying large experience values on the Character tab;
- Fixed triggering of the “Law and order” achievement;
- Fixed the dead birds random encounter functionality;
- Fixed game crash when using ventilation system on the “Kaleidoscope" level;
- Fixed the description and properties of the complex artifact in Nashville;
- Fixed the old man random encounter functionality;
- Fixed a bug that led to a variety of problems after loading a saved game;
- The number of auto and quick saves increased to twenty per each

Standalone installer updated (0.14.928.0022 ⇒ 0.14.1001.2057): 02 October 2019.
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It might be best to keep the most recent change on the top and push past changes down. Also have the date of the update and version number at the top of the change log.
Edit: for anyone who, like me, missed it: There's a changelog on the GOG store page, and it appears to be more up-to-date, and in a better format, than this one.

click the game -> More -> Changelog.

Thanks for posting these!

It looks like you might be editing the first post and appending subsequent patch notes. Is there any chance you could post the latest at the top, with the patch version at the beginning of the message? It'd make it much easier for us to parse out where we are in this whole thing.

Alternatively, if you're pulling patch notes from somewhere else, maybe just share the link and we can go watch it ourselves.
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Each new update is usually posted in a separate post. The first post contains the first two updates because they were made public here on GOG on the same date, and they fit in a single post. So, the last post of the thread will always contain the most recent update available on GOG.

The info about the standalone installers isn't part of the official changelog, I'm including it for all users who don't use the GOG Galaxy client.

Please note that I have no affiliation to the developer/publisher or GOG.
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Changelog for Early Access Hotfix III (added 04 October 2019):

All this week we’ve been working hard on bug fixing, correcting typos, and other annoying little things that spoil player immersion in Encased. The main changes in this patch concern the interface and general player experience of the game. We’ve also addressed annoying critical errors like freezes and memory leaks.

We read every review carefully, and therefore have also made several balance improvements regarding the cost and characteristics of some items. Gameplay balancing is complicated, and work in this area will continue in upcoming patches.

Next week we’ll talk about the upcoming content patch. For now, here’s our complete list of fixes.

- Interface: using the Alt key, you can now click on a grid cell obscured by the character or an object;
- Interface: improved looting when several corpses are lying on top of each other;
- Interface: the “Equalise” button has been added to the Barter tab;
- Interface: when the player attempts to confirm a disadvantageous deal, the barter tab warns them;
- Interface: fixed weight display in items stack tooltip;
- Interface: workbenches are marked on the local map now;
- Interface: added camera rotation speed adjustment;
- Interface: fixed status effects counter on the character’s badge;
- Interface: fixed fractional numbers in equipment and stats tooltips;
- Interface: fixed “create some” and “create maximum” buttons text;
- Balance: changed servoshell parameters;
- Balance: changed the Nashville parking lot shotgun parameters;
- Balance: fixed the Nashville parking lot secrets discovery rewards;
- Balance: fixed work gloves cost and parameters;
- AI: fixed the behavior of AI after reloading several times;
- Fixed memory leak when changing locations;
- Fixed freezing when exiting locations during random combat encounters;
- Fixed game freezing on some configurations;
- Fixed freezing when putting on servoshell;
- Fixed servoshell duplication bug;
- Fixed “Heartfelt talk” random encounter;
- Fixed a bug where the player did not receive experience for discovering certain locations;
- Descriptions added to three types of batteries;
- Nashville office floor: portrait of Louise Dekker-Schulz improved;
- Nashville office floor: fixed location black screen;
- Storage level: fixed car trunk access;
- Expanded the selection of portraits available to the player;
- Status effects: mercury consumption status effect changed;
- Gas Station: Aaron Malville now has a shotgun;
- Gas Station: basement passability fixed;
- The Point: fixed Right to the Punishment Cell quest errors;
- Nashville Sewers: faulty passage fixed.

All this work would not have been possible without your participation – most of these errors were discovered and reported by you. Thanks for helping us improve Encased for everyone!

Standalone installer updated (v0.14.1001.2057 ⇒ v0.14.1004.1801): 07 October 2019.
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Changelog for Early Access Hotfix IV (added 24 October 2019):

Today we release the fourth hotfix that fixes a number of errors that interfere with the normal functioning of the game. All balance edits will be included in the fifth hotfix, work on which is already in full swing.

After its release, all the studio’s forces will be thrown to the first content patch, the same one that we talked about in the Kickstarter update. The original plan remains unchanged: in December we plan to please you with an update that will reveal part of the main storyline and literally transform the game.

Thanks again for complaints and suggestions: it is your support, your comments and bug reports that help us to quickly fix errors and regularly release fixes. We study each message, so if something has not been fixed, this does not mean that we do not care: all changes will necessarily appear in the following patches. Please continue to send us bug reports, this is important!

The list of changes is below. But before reading it, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this incredibly warm article in PC Gamer:

Here’s the list:
- Fixed the game build: starting with hotfix 5, all updates will become much more compact,
- Nashville, Residential Floor: patency on location, fixed,
- UI: fixed interface error when applying the Hacking skill and choosing a tool for hacking,
- UI: items equipped with a player are now marked with a special icon during barter,
- Magellan, Administrative Floor: patency on location fixed,
- Magellan, Residential Floor: fixed battery check in a discharged elevator,
- Magellan, Training Ground: patency on location was fixed,
- Magellan, Training Ground: fixed the use of a canister on the generator,
- Magellan Reactor Room: now you can’t bet on Rocker if you accused its owner of doping,
- Magellan, Lab Floor: the mechanics of treatment of Dr. Burdansky and the Medkom-72 apparatus fixed,
- Gunsmith's House: rewards added to ammo and food drawers,
- Gunsmith's House: the approach to the Vega machine gun has been fixed,
- Gunsmith's House: increased Heinrich Stolman character level,
- Nashville, Excavation Area: added ability to use the artifact during battle,
- Nashville, Offices: patency on location fixed, now you can sit on sofas,
- Nashville, Offices: added vignette illustrations (Aggressive infected),
- Nashville, Sewer: fixed updates to the quest “A series of strange events”,
- Global Map: the death of the protagonist fixed,
- Global Map: fixed display of the border of the Dome,
- Global Map: fixed loading of one of the desert locations,
- Nashville: removed the possibility of trading with the possessed,
- Fixed the ability to create an item, despite the lack of the necessary components,
- Random encounters: fixed behavior of enemies after loading a saved game,
- Random encounters: fixed dead engineer event ,
- Fixed reduced quantity of skill points given in a situation where the character receives a new level in a state of intoxication,
- "Detective" Quest: fixed issuing a reputation for helping Ide Grace.

Standalone installer updated (v0.14.1004.1801 ⇒ 0.14.1024.1302): 28 October 2019.
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The first content patch is out!

Here the list of changes:

- The prologue has been redesigned;
- Added part one of the first act for the new Committee;
- The entry points to the storylines of the following factions have been added: Fops, Carmine Heights, Church of Maelstrom, Phalanx;

- Added a skill tree for psionic abilities;
- Added equipment that allows to use psionic abilities;

- Added a mechanism for hiring companions;
- Added companion: Crump;
- Added companion: Yoko;
- Added a unique companion model: Yoko;
- Added a unique companion model: Crump;
- Added Crump's companion quest;
- Added Yoko's companion quest;

- Added tutorial;

- New story location: Landing capsule;
- New story location: Landing area of the Concord station;
- New story location: The internal premises of the Concord station;
- New story location: Suburb;
- New story location: Project "Emulator";
- New story location: Robbed caravan;
- New story location: Parking station "Magellan";
- New story location: Wasteland;
- New nonstory location: Pit;
- New nonstory location: "Sonora" storage bunker;
- New nonstory location: "Roadside Picnic" Transit Point (1 act);
- Redesigned location "Petrol station";
- Redesigned location "Magellan: Hall";
- Redesigned location "Magellan: Warehouse";
- Redesigned location "Magellan: Garrison";
- Redesigned location "Magellan: Laboratories and infirmary";
- Redesigned location "Magellan: Living quarters";
- Redesigned location "Magellan: Administration";
- Redesigned location "Magellan: Reactor Room";

- Added an ability to rent buildings;
- Added an ability to place bets in the underground arena;
- Added an ability to participate in battles for the title of arena champion;

- Added mines of various power;
- Added exploding barrels that deal multiple types of damage;
- Added flamethrower;
- Added traveling merchants;

- Graphics enhancements: Redesigned fog system;
- Graphics enhancements: Fixed terrain shading;
- Graphics enhancements: Added multilayered terrain;

- Added several new relics;

- Added several new portraits for the player;

- Improved AI: Added scheduling system, now opponents are thinking tactics for several moves forward;
- Improved AI: Added different enemy behaviors;
- Improved AI: Now an enemy uses better positions to attack the player;

- Numerous changes and minor improvements in the dialog interface;
- The "equalize" button appeared in the barter interface;
- Added companion management interface;
- Fixed errors with displaying tooltips in the interface;
- Added character avatars;

- Added an ability to destroy doors with an explosion/shot;
- Added the degree of rarity to objects;
- Added "fog of war";

- Added extended DLC support;

- Added perks;
- Fixed character's abilities;
- Fixed description of some attributes;
- Changed the cost and attributes of the weapons;
- Fixed roof behavior on locations: now roofs always disappear when the character is underneath them;

- Improved performance;
- Added new location sounds;
- Added sounds for interactive and non-interactive location elements;
- Parts of vignettes are now with sound;
- Added sound for servo armor;

- Fixed memory leak problems at some locations;
- Fixed the problem with ragdoll;
- Fixed problems with passability on the level grid;
- Fixed problems with corpses falling through locations;
- Fixed bunker tileset, bunker locations rebuilt for a new tileset,
- Added tileset for settlements;
- Added tileset for concrete buildings;
- Added environment models: medical office, garage;

Community requests:

- Added an ability to load user portraits;
- Added a photo mode to create screenshots;
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First Content Update: Hotfix 0.16.1218.1939

We continue to actively eliminate bugs that appeared in the game with the content patch I release. Here is the latest list of bugfixes and improvements:

- Companions now let you pass (only in peaceful mode),
- Starter set of items has been added to Krump's inventory,
- Starter set of items has been added to Yoko's inventory,
- Yoko rifle (Shiroyama) is fixed,
- Fixed Yoko's behavior in combat,
- Starter set of items has been added to temporary companion Katarzyna Belitskaya's inventory,
- Fixed Katarzyna's attributes,
- Fixed the disappearance of Monty James at Concord station,
- Added a new loading screen for the Concord station
- Fixed items of the transshipment station "Roadside Picnic" in the first act,
- Fixed vignette and scripts of Henrietta Russo in the office of the Emulator project,
- Fixed attributes and experience points of the Black Wing soldiers involved in the fight with Crump,
- Added points of advantage in the fight behind the bar,
- Fixed a dialogue with an electrician on Magellan,
- Fixed sticking of pop-up notifications on the "Magellan" residential floor,
- Fixed some notes in the "Pit" location,
- The turrets start battle fully loaded,
- The scenery on random locations has been improved.
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Changelog for Content Expansion II (16 April 2020) - Part I:

- Reworked balance, fixed skill trees, improved locations, new equipment, cryogenic laser, story quests and much more. It took less than four months to work on the new patch, but it seemed like an eternity to us.
- After the release of the December patch, we received a lot of feedback that made us rethink the game balance and how it feels. While developing the second patch, we tried to make Encased more stable, intuitive and friendly game that won't force you to restart your playthrough because of a "broken" character build or guess what you need to do in your new quest. We have also added tactical diversity to battles by implementing cover system and strategic points. We've also introduced grenades with an area of effect. Because of that, battles in Encased feel completely different.
- RPG systems have been also changed a lot: skill trees (for example, "Psionics" and "Medicine") are starting to come to life. Abilities for certain types of weapons were added. There is no need to study them, they are weapon-related. That allows us to emphasize the difference between a pistol and a revolver. The outcome of the battle is also influenced by the time of day, the tendency of opponents to attack in packs or alone, and many other factors, which we will talk more about in one of our updates.
- As avid RPG fans, we know that RPG is more than just a good combat system and a set of stats, skills and perks. RPGs are famous for a great atmosphere, and a lot of changes in Patch 2 are made with that in mind. Almost all locations have been reworked. We added a lot of new 3D models, worked with materials and light, making Concord look completely different from Magellan, and Magellan looks like no other bunker scattered across the desert. In addition to the bunkers, in the desert you will find separate dialog branches for a character with low intelligence (right now they are in a test mode, and present only in a few locations of the prologue!), new random encounters and a slightly revised storyline of the New Committee, preparing the player to meet with the other factions that will appear in the next patch.

And now, a list of new content, fixes and improvements v0.17.415.1748:

Menu and interface
- Reworked main menu scene;
- Reworked character creation scene;
- Reworked ability tooltips: now tooltip shows a formula for calculating skill values based on the character attributes;
- Enhanced inventory item tooltip;
- Minor interface changes;
- Updated character portraits;

Story and plot
- Expanded the main quest of Act I;
- Added more than 15 new lore notes;
- Changed intro voice-over and text;
- We’ve integrated dialogs for characters with only 1-2 points in Intellect (partially, in test mode!);

Characters and enemies
- Smokers now have pipes, cigars and cigarettes;
- Fox now has her mask;
- Church adepts now have teleglasses;
- Added new enemy type: hyena;
- Added new enemy type: cyberhyena;
- Added new enemy type: toxic cockroach;
- Mutated rabbit enemy is now called Volper;

- Crump attributes were rebalanced;
- Yoko attributes were rebalanced;
- New recruitable character added — Fox;
- Fixed Crump recruitment dialog;

- Rebalanced the grenade launcher;
- Grenade launcher now deals AOE damage;
- Added frag, stun, flash and incendiary grenades;
- Raven pistol was rebalanced, added additional variations of that weapon;
- Added APS pistol, added additional variations of that weapon;
- Changed Andromeda energy pistol attributes, added additional variations of that weapon;
- Added Boreas cryolaser gun, added additional variations of this weapon;
- Changed МС110 SMG attributes, added additional variations of this weapon;
- Added LPD-66 machine gun;
- Changed Horizon machine gun attributes;
- Changed Kamyshin machine gun attributes;
- Added Matilda revolver;

Technical changes
- Improved lighting on locations;
- Added “Fog of war”;
- Fixed location grid;
- Reworked leader tracking system;
- Reworked pathfinding system;
- Characters no longer stuck in doors;
- You can now switch places with companions;
- Reworked state machines;

Game mechanics
- Added day and night cycle;
- Some character act differently depending on the time of a day;
- Revolvers got Fast Hand unique ability;
- Pistols got Double Shot unique ability;
- SMGs got Stuff with Lead unique ability;
- Shotguns got Slam Fire unique ability;
- Rifles got Pinpoint Burst unique ability;
- Sniper rifles Sniper Shot unique ability;
- Pulverizers got Chemical Shower unique ability;
- Penetrators got Lodge unique ability;
- Emitters got Charged Shot unique ability;
- Added Marking Shot ability;
- Fixed how Laceration and other similar statuses work on turrets and other inanimate objects;
- Added additional level of hacking, stealing and lockpicking;
- Psi damage increases when player levels up and is linked to the Psycho attribute;
- Fixed Medicine skill tree abilities;
- Player reputation with a faction now affects the value of items while trading;
- Drops from opponents and containers now depend on the player’s level;
- Ability to deactivate traps was added;
- Added new status effects;
- Added new effects when you miss;
- Changed hit rate formulas;
- Changed evasion formula, added Evade attribute;
- System for calculating armor hits has been changed: an attack can now be completely blocked by the armor;
- Added Cool, Marathon Runner, Optimizer, Tactic, Jackal and Prowler perks;

- New animation for character in the main menu;
- Enemy animations: hyena;
- Fixed door animations;
- Fixed rifle holding animation;
- Small animation fixes;

Audio and music
- Added new music theme in the main menu;
- Fixed the sound of the character's steps on different surfaces;
- Added sound effects in most story vignettes;
- Added sound effects in some dialogs;

Visual effects
- Fixed burning fuel barrels;
- Updated smoke VFX;
- Updated gun shots;
- Added psy powers VFX;
- Frozen VFX;
- Gravitational Debuff VFX;
- On Fire VFX;
- Electricity Stun VFX;
- Blind VFX;
- Near Death VFX;
- Love Power VFX;
- Falling Shells VFX;
- Sphere Shining VFX;
- Ceiling Collapse VFX;
- Flickering Beacon VFX;
- Death of Holo Target VFX;
- Water in a Sink VFX;
- VFX to indicate the range of effect for anomalies;
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Changelog for Content Expansion II (16 April 2020) - Part II:

Global map
- Fixed Birds on Branches encounter with illustrations;
- Added Blisters encounter;
- Added Broken Robot encounter with illustrations;
- Fixed bugs in combat random encounters: now players can face MOBIOS and fight hyenas and rats; players can also use Survival abilities now;
- Added Beggar encounter;
- Added Abandoned Armor encounter;
- Added Ingrown Human encounter with illustrations;
- Added Scream encounter with illustrations;
- Added Stains encounter;
- Fixed text in the Frank Talk encounter;
- Added Rusted Car encounter;
- Added Salt Marsh encounter;
- Small visual changes to the global map: different icons added to objects, cell exploration logic fixed;

Concord station locations
- Added Nelson Cunningham character (undertaker);
- Added Dennis Catch character (guard);
- Added Tuen Yun character (engineer-communicator);
- Added Darren Niles character (guard);
- Added vignettes with coffins;
- Added a vignette with a giant dead cockroach;
- Added a vignette with a cargo capsule in loading area 1;
- Added an ability to kick open the door in the cargo pod;
- Fixed dialogs with cargo capsule passengers;
- Fixed interaction point with video communication terminal;
- Completely remade dialog with Leticia Rivares, partially redesigned her AD;
- Fixed script errors in the dialog with Margarita Tkachenko;
- dialog with Andriy Mikhai was changed significantly;
- Fixed script errors in the dialog with Dean Reichet;
- Instruction quest can now be taken correctly, psyonics are also included in the quest now;
- “Concord” Station was redesigned, additional decorations and effects added;
- Added table model with holographic map;
- Added an opportunity to register Monty James in Orange Wing;

Roadside Picnic locations
- Added Inactive Brass Apple item;
- Added effect on the microlux stone;
- Added side quest to fix the turret;
- There are new options for completing the clash with bandits;
- Added consequences of completing the event at the Roadside Picnic Transfer Point;
- Added the ability to mine the bandits’ car;
- Added a short puzzle on the roof of the gas station;
- The gas station, cafe and both cellars are redone and additionally decorated;
- Picnic event reworked and fixed;
- Added Travis Brightman character (black market relic trader);
- Added Rabindranath Krishnaswami character (hippie);
- Added Swallow character (hippie);
- Aaron Melville dialog (refueling supervisor) is completely redone;
- Fixed anomalies and radioactive areas at the gas station;
- Fixed dialog with Clara Morgan (driver);

C-12 Nashville locations
- Nashville Parking location and Nashville station floors (and the cave itself) are reworked and decorated additionally;
- Nashville Residential Floor turrets position is fixed;
- Generator interaction fixed;
- Triskele relic event fixed;
- Vega Drinks vending machine interaction fixed (on station’s floor -1);
- Servoshell armor helmet material missing fixed;
- Minor fixes in Nashville station dialogs;
- Afflicted avatars created;
- Nashville station floor -3 attacking Afflicted vignette illustrated;
- Louise Dekker-Schulz character dialog significantly revised;
- Ronald Steele character dialog significantly revised;
- Nashville station Afflicted dialogs slightly fixed;

Junktown locations
- The main quest of the New Committee faction has been supplemented;
- Church sermon added;
- Fixed errors and inaccuracies in the quest log;
- Emulator Project location reworked and additionally decorated;
- Junktown location reworked and additionally decorated;
- Arena location reworked and additionally decorated;
- Added standings vignette illustrations;
- Added bets vignette illustrations;
- Added Arvydas Mazhulis character (doctor in the arena);
- Added Andy Vazquez character (viewer);
- Added Gail Summers character (viewer);
- Added Mikhail Belyaev character (viewer);
- Added Taylor Dunn character (ransomware guard);
- Added Thomas O’Connor character (guard);
- Added Thomas O’Connor character (guard);
- Added Jason Wormbeard character (guard);
- Added Lin Wang character (guard);
- Arena events fixed;
- Added Nina Orbelli character (deputy sheriff);
- Added Umar Hazred character (deputy sheriff);
- Added Oliver Kid character (suburban);
- Added Theresa Goddard character (resident of Carmine Heights);
- Added Sam Bossman character (city dweller);
- Added Barry Robinson character (pimp);
- Added Strange Cave location;
- Added Tarja Berger character;
- Added Trevor Penn character;
- Added Junktown Jail Basement location;
- Added Maelstrom Border Camp location;

Picnic neutral zone locations
- Added Galina Baskanova character;
- Added Peter Zinchuk character;
- Added Dora Paulson character;
- Added Albert Green character;
- Added Poisoned Water quest;
- Added swamp clearing quest;
- Added Abnormal Essence item;
- Added Well location;
- Added graveyard;

Magellan station locations
- All of the Magellan station inner locations completely redesigned;
- New loading screens the Magellan station inner locations created;
- Heat's Coming Up quest fixed;
- MINERVA Acting Up is a separate sidequest now.

Standalone installer, and those of its DLC, updated: v0.16.1310.1837 ⇒ 0.17.415.1748.
There is apparently other patches, I have currently version 0.18.911.1651 (and it's due to get yet another update later today)

A list of changes:

Fixed a lot of issues with localisations of both languages;
Fixed most issues with game freezes and crashes;
Fixed an access to some previously unavailable locations.
redglyph: There is apparently other patches, I have currently version 0.18.911.1651 (and it's due to get yet another update later today)

A list of changes:

Fixed a lot of issues with localisations of both languages;
Fixed most issues with game freezes and crashes;
Fixed an access to some previously unavailable locations.
0.20.1222.1605 I think it is just a big update today. or yesterday.
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redglyph: There is apparently other patches, I have currently version 0.18.911.1651 (and it's due to get yet another update later today)

A list of changes:

Fixed a lot of issues with localisations of both languages;
Fixed most issues with game freezes and crashes;
Fixed an access to some previously unavailable locations.
0.20.1222.1605 actual version of Encased