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I've been playing Emperor again (reliving the good ol' days) for a couple of weeks now and everything seems to be working like a dream, except one little issue I seem to have: the stockpile function doesn't work.

I know I need to go into the Commerce Ministery and there click on the good that needs to be stockpiled to activate it. I know that I can see if this is effective when the name of the good turns red, but absolutely nothing happens when I click on the name/icon of the item I want stockpiled. I keep clicking like an idiot, but it doesn't change anything and I can't seem to find any further explanation on the internet.

In essence I can play the game just fine without this function, I mean it's only useful if I want a request fulfilled, but it's becoming a real pain in the bootie now that I'm getting requests for high demand goods like wood, which I can't solve easily by shutting down the industry that would use that good, or micromanage warehouses/mills.

Have any of you experienced the same issue? Or is there just something stupid I should be doing I haven't thought about?

Thanks for the help!