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I bought the GOG-version of Emperor ROTMK and wanted to use the widescreen fix.After I installed the widescreen fix for 1920x1080 and launched the game it didn't work. I got a black screen and the following messages where displayed:
-Can not find China_Unloaded.sg3
-Can not find China_Unloaded.555
-The file "China_Unloaded" contains 0 tags, whereas the program expected 13 tags.
The titel of these messages were that I had to insert the CD for Emperor, which I do not have.

The DATA of the widescreen folder didn't contain these files, so I inserted al the files from the Original DATA exept the files who were already in the widescreen DATA folder.

The game worked and had the proper resolution, but had a lot of issues. The menu and messages were not in the center, but I had to click the buttons in the center of the screen where the menu and messages should normally be. And the sidebar where you can select the buildings and other options was absent.

Can anybody help me solve this problem? Many thanks in advance!
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I had the same issue with those missing files at loading. It's because you actually need most of the original files from the DATA folder. So I'd recommend making a copy of the original DATA folder (just in case), calling it DATA_COPY or something and only then add the new DATA files from the fix. Game launched fine for me after that.
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