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Ok, this is really driving me batty. I have to place my mouse cursor above and to the left of whatever button/option I want to press. I've read the other threads mentioning this issue but the solution of disabling DPI scaling doesn't work for me. I've tried multiple combinations of panel fit (maintain display scaling, scale full screen, center image, maintain aspect ratio), with and without the widescreen mod, with and without fullscreen optimizations disabled. Some configurations alter the alignment somewhat (not as far left but still a couple inches too high). Also I should note that my option in compatibility settings is actually "override high DPI scaling behavior" and has a dropdown menu with application, system, and system (enhanced) as the options. I'm on windows 10 creator's update. Someone please help
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I have the same issue, did you manage to fix this?
Thanks if anyone have a solution.
In addition to disabling scaling in compat settings try running in 16 bit colour and/or 640x480 res. Having all selected works for me! HTH
Edit: Does not work if I use GOG Galaxy to launch the game - I have to use the edited Windows shortcut.
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Same problem here. I'm getting a refund if not fixed.
Found the solution for me.

Rt click on game icon on screen

lt click on properties

Lt click on compatibility tab at top.

Click tab for change high DPI settings

Check bottom Higth DPI scaling override.

this worked for me.
same problem, but the DPI scaling doesn't work for me. mouse cursor area is still off and stuck on the upper left side of the screen