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I have a 1070 GPU with a i7-6700 and I play on 1440p resolution but the game seems to run at only 25 fps. Is there a way to run the game at 60fps?

I also use the wide screen resolution fix
No, this game was created long before 60fps was even a thing for video games. They will only play at 30fps maximum, that's the way the engine was designed.
Sorry for piping in late buuuuut... (EDIT: Oh hell that's 2017, not 2018. Sorry for the necro, enjoy the random trivia.)

It's likely there wouldn't be enough memory on computers at the time to make a 60fps animation for every single unit and building, it'd make PCs of the time MELT. Otherwise if it's the game itself only refreshing at 30 or so fps (A frame counter can tell you) then that's an engine limitation and probably related to timing in all likeliness.
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